Gossip Girl Spoilers: Season Finale Cliffhanger(s)

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Just a couple of Gossip Girl spoilers from Michael Ausiello at EW today. Here's what he has to say about the upcoming end of Season Two, and the new spinoff ...

Q: I am dying for some Gossip Girl scoop regarding the season finale.

A: I'm hearing there will be multiple cliffhangers, one of which may include an appearance by Rufus and Lily's presumed-dead love child.

Q: Any scoop on the upcoming Gossip Girl spinoff? Please tell me they're not calling it Lily. That would be L-A-M-E.

A: They're not calling it Lily; nor will it be Lily of the Valley, which was also rumored. The Valley was discussed but, alas, that was the name of the faux soap on The OC. That leaves... um... If you've got any suggestions, leave a comment!

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I'm a devotee of great writing;direction;acting - Being a semi-pro of sorts. So therefore Season Two proved the excellent dramatic acting/story lines. of the Tri-Generationals example Lilly's Mother,Blair's newly formed parents, Lilly & Rufus and of course Serena and her gang etc. Looking forward to Season Three. Thx.


I really really don't want Chuck and Blair to be a couple it would ruin it a lot. They work best as friendnemies. Chuck settling down and being a one-woman man? No longer plotting against Blair? What would he do with all this free stalker creepster time then? I don't necessarily want her with Nate but I just don't think Chuck and Blair are the type of people who work as a couple. THey have chemistry because of all the drama. The goal of most couples tends towards happiness not angst drama. Chuck is the guy you think you want cause he is wild, fun and intense but he isn't the guy you are married to for 20 years. I don't buy that Blair would be so keen on just giving up her idea of a great UES life just yet. Neither of them will change and since they want they can't be together.


I really want Chuck and Blair to be a couple, but seeing that Georgina returns as well as Cyrus Rose, plus the fact that the child of rufus and Lily probably will turn out to be pretty important.... there won't be that much room left for them. And what happens with Blair & Yale???


Oops LOL, sorry forgot this was a Lily post. I think Lilyville is pretty catchy, better than Lily's Valley. However, i think the title will not involve Lily's name.


The only couple on the show worth preserving besides Chair is Lufus. Everyone else can go DIE.


lilyville is waaaay cheesy, no offense


I actually would like Nate and Serena together for some time.


Lovingmotherchuker says: "Lily' would be lame. Saying that "Lilyville" is any better just make you.... ok. let me stop now.


How about: Lily's Valley It incorporates both Lily and Lily in the Valley!


omg no one cares about lily and rufus, they are lames, darena 4 lyfe, or at least dan and georgina oh how about:menhattan

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