Grey's Anatomy Sneak Preview: "Stand By Me"

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The dust has barely settled from last night's emotional roller coaster, but a sneak preview of next week's Grey's Anatomy episode, "Stand By Me," is already making the rounds.

Below, a reluctant Cristina and an ailing Izzie debate the next course of action for the latter's treatment, and Izzie seems to fully grasp what she's up against for the first time.

Watch the clip below and let us know what you think ...

[video url="" title="Stand By Me Sneak Preview"] [/video]

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The interns are already numb per se. Besides, it's not rare that Izzie gets all emotional over patients so it may have been usual for the interns to see her overreact. Everyone is going to find out at some time. I do believe that Alex and George are going to be among the last ones because of Izzie not wanting to worry them. I'm not really sure how Derek fits into the picture since the cancer is already spread to some other parts. Unless the Shepherd Method is involved, I don't know how he could cure her. By now, it's more of an oncologist work than a surgeon.


I think this scene looks SO powerful!!! Izzie very deliberately chose Christina. Christina is strong. She is not as overtly emotional. I think Izzie knows that she is going to just crack when those who love her and will be emotional about it do find out. But she may not have anticipated the fact that she is about to crack w/o the support of those people.
So, here's a fun question:
Who do you think will find out next? And how will they find out? I think George will find out b/c Cristina will be too afraid of Alex's reaction to tell him and she knows that George has a lot of pull with Izzie. So I think Cristina will tell George. that's my theory-- but there could be many others (Lexie or other interns could tell someone, Cristina could tell Mer or go straight to Der.... Oh, and does anyone else think the interns are numb for not having figured out that Izzie is patient X???


Dimples61-- To the best of our knowledge, all recent intel given is that Katherine Heigl and TR Knight are not leaving. Shonda said so herself:
Shonda Rhimes Denies Heigl, Knight Leaving Grey's Anatomy
Patrick Dempsey said that he knows NOTHING of them leaving: We will have our Izzie and our George for many more epis to come!


Everyone of the actors on this show are contracted for 7 yrs. Soooo that means the show won't be over for 2 more yrs. And then again they might renew there contracts and it last for 10 yrs. Well all the actors except for Izzy. I think she will probably die at the end of this season. All of you act like someone has done something to her, and that is why she is leaving. She is wanting out of her contract so she can go on and make movies. I don't think that all the bitching and complaining you all are doing is going to make much differance. She is leaving!!!!! When a person don't appreciate what they have, they should leave. And I'm sure the show will survive just fine without her.


!greys- Ellen is signed for seven seasons liek the entire rest of the class. If I were Izzie 5% chance or not I would def do treatment


Although predictable I hope Derik is the one that will save her life. We need Izzie.


i think george will just step forward and convince her to live and that'll finally be his big break this season. Possibly without Izzie even telling him first.
George knows she's been acting weird.
George saw her getting all the tests and saw her go to Dermatology.
Even though at the time these things were not suspicious to him, he really seemed to know that patient x was very important to Izzie in the last episode. And once Lexie tells him Patient x's diagnosis, I think it'll all come together for him and he'll just know that patient x is Izzie.


I would imagine that when you first get told something like having that sort of cancer you kind of don't accept or believe it at first. She was in a state of shock at first. I believe her reason for acting like this now is that she is finally accepting what is happeneing and its scaring the shit out of her and its time for fight or flight. Its going to be like a chain reaction for her now. One set of events will lead to the end or the begining for her.


I never bought Alex and Izzie in love at all, especially on Izzie's part. I believed she loved Denny and George and am a fan of both Dizzie and Gizzie, but AI? NO, I never bought them and never will. George better not die either. I'd rather Izzie die than him.


They stopped because most people thought that the hallucinations were too much and didn´t make any sense and Shonda got the message. Or somebody made her get the message. Anyway, I think that this path is very interesting, the show is making us care again, and I really hope Izzie kicks her cancer´s ass and really choses to live. And to finish, I really hope that we don´t have to se Denny ever again.

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