Grey's Anatomy Sneak Preview: "Stand By Me"

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The dust has barely settled from last night's emotional roller coaster, but a sneak preview of next week's Grey's Anatomy episode, "Stand By Me," is already making the rounds.

Below, a reluctant Cristina and an ailing Izzie debate the next course of action for the latter's treatment, and Izzie seems to fully grasp what she's up against for the first time.

Watch the clip below and let us know what you think ...

[video url="" title="Stand By Me Sneak Preview"] [/video]

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This is so sad. Damn, if I had her diagnosis, I really wouldn't know what to do you. Maybe you just have to live your life, do things you've always wanted to do, because there's a big chance you will die , even with the surgery, and than you haven't done anything with the last weeks of your lifes. It's great to see Christina trying to help Izzy so much. I'm starting to like her better


Bof!!!! Borring perspective.


izzy has every right ot do whatever she wants.
she has been through too much. plus than sh egets to be with denny again!


Wow, what a scene. Really emotional. I have to say that it was me, if I had Izzie's diagnose, I would fight like hell to beat it. Regardless of the 5%. Like Lexie said, screw the odds.


Oh my god, Izzie. Go Christina. Theyre all soconfusing an emotional right now.


Babsy come on it's 5%, I won't get treatment if I had what she has !!!


Izzie is confusing ... she told Denny she chooses life and now she says this?


Finally! Greys is good again.


Heigl's not winning any Emmy's for that sad excuse for acting.

Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

Miranda: I've lost Hunt and Torres, see I sent them to get Shepherd and ... never heard from them again ... I was trying to solve the Shepherd situation for you sir, but it appears that I somehow made it three times worse.
Richard: [stares]
Miranda: So I'm telling you and my next move I believe is that I'm gonna call the police because I'm half convinced that they're all dead ... on a spit ... with an one armed man turning them into shish kabob sir ... It's my mind it just goes there.

Miranda: Do I look like a therapist?!
Richard: You asked!