Leighton Meester at Leighton Meester Sneaker Launch

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Smiling and looking gorgeous as always, Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester attended the launch of the Reebok “Top Down” sneaker by - you guessed it - Leighton Meester!

The amazing Leighton promoted the new brand at the Lady Foot Locker store in Herald Square on Saturday in New York City. Here she is signing autographs ...

Leighton Meester Sneakers

As the new face of Reebok, the 22-year-old Gossip Girl actress, who plays the fabulous Blair Waldorf, will be featured in ads for the sneaker brand later this year.

Co-star Ed Westwick, interestingly, is the new face of K-Swiss sneakers.

Click to enlarge more photos of Leighton Meester at Lady Foot Locker:

Sneaker Girl
Sneaker Spokeswoman
A Gossip Girl Great
Foot Locker Lady
Lighting Up a Room
The Main Event
Just Gorgeous
Sneaky Leighton

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really like her style and i think she does make sneakers look fashionable and pretty cool. she has great taste and though blair would never wear them leighton looks so fresh and cute with them! she will do reebok a lot of good. hopefully the reebok magic will work (like in scarlett's case!)hurray for leighton!


it is phillip lim! she is gorgeous needless to say:)


leighton has such a beautiful and fresh smile! how could u not love her?


I just love Leighton. She is like a doll! Beautiful!


i want to see her reebok ads... like right now! just love her! perfect!


omg... she is so gorgeous! seriously beautiful! love her hair! wanna copy it!


i am seriously lusting after her dress... does anyone know who it's by? thanks! x


yesss i totally love her stylee it's unique :) lovethe sneakers too


i am speechless everytime i see one of her pictures. this time she looks so fresh and well,,,AMAIZING!!!! i love how she incorporated the sneakers in a very stylish outfit. she a fashion guru. now really i would buy some sneakers just for her. great marketing move reebok!! leighton made a good move. next year will be miu miu and marc jacobs, i know it:)



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