Next Week on Heroes: Greetings, Mr. Sylar!

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Following an episode of Heroes that focused on parent/sibling relationships - Claire saw a new side to her mother; while Sylar remembered an old one to his father - what can viewers expect on next week's installment?

Here are a couple of clues, courtesy of E! Online:

  • Sylar finally meets his biological father, played by John Glover. The elder Mr. Gray has a wry personality, a fondness for taxidermy and a significant health problem that will factor into his relationship with his son.
  • Nathan must regain Tracy's trust... or the Hunter will have both their heads.
Underwater Kiss

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looks like it'll be a race against time concerning Matt and Nathan on Capital Hill With Danko holding the controlls and our boys desperetly trying to difuse the bomb and the krouts moving
in. The suspence is killing me.


that's what I think too. man I can't wait for next week Is it monday already?
(I wish>sigh)


I think that once Nathan helps Matt diffuse the bomb, the swat team is going to try and kill Matt but Nathan will fly Parkman away on national television. This will not only show the world that there are people with abilities, but Nathan will have sacrificed his freedom because the hunter will now know he's dangerous like the rest of them and he will now be on the run from the hunter along with the other heroes. Which could relate to what Angela said to Nathan. "The game has changed". Everything is going to change.


I'm hoping that Nathan and Tracy will hook up again and make lots of pretty babies :DD with powers ;)


you guys did see the promo for next week looks like Nathan's really risking his freedom not to mention his life by trying to help Matt whom the hunter calls a terroriest I wouldn't be surprised in fact I'd be pleased if Nathan is forced to turn fugitive himself .


I can not wait until, Sylar meets his father, I think that the he desiver to die, for what he did to his young son. Its no wonder hes the way he is. Af for Nathan, I actullay really like nathan depsite all the caputare of his own kind. But people need to look at what he as been put through, he is a kind soul its just that he doesn't really know how to intruped the good and the evil side. Just like HRG, the company is all Noah knew, Nathan is the same way, he only knows of higher power.......
The writers on this show are great, but i think they need to have some more "BOOM" back into the storyline like season 1... And seeing sylar's past is something i've been waitting for, So i am excided for this eposide.


Nathans character has become realistic where you were hoping for one thing but got something worse instead.


sounds cool, i think i'm beginning to like nathan at least a little. seems like he's becoming redeemable. All I can say to Adrian Pasdar as nathan is " watch your back, and good luck"

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