Peter Jacobson Previews House Character, Season Finale

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As Dr. Chris Taub, Peter Jacobson is one of the new team members that have taken over for Chase and Cameron on House.

The character has received more screen time and storyline focus over the last few weeks, as Jacobson discussed with TV Guide: Where do things stand with Taub and his wife? Are they going to go for kids?
Jacobson: At this point I'm not sure where were going to go with that. That issue is still hanging a bit, but we do get into more of Taub's inner turmoil.

Dr. Taub [House exec producer] Katie Jacobs told me the team might be down one by the season finale. Is that still the plan?*
Jacobson: That I don't know. We're going strong right now, and at the moment it's all of us, and we're solving cases as normal. Trying to get some sense of where they're going, even in my short tenure here, has proven futile.

* Earlier House spoilers have also revealed that Thirteen may be heading for the diagnostic center in the sky before this season concludes.

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