Taylor Momsen Fashion is All Her Own

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A recent interview with Gossip Girl actress Taylor Momsen revealed the following bombshell: the girl's adventurous forays into fashion are all her own.

The style-obsessed 15-year-old told German publication Qvest:

Sexy Taylor Momsen

"Well, I don't work with a stylist. I pick out what I wear myself. I feel that is important, because I think real style is something that comes from within."

"If someone else dictates what you are wearing," the actress who plays Jenny Humphrey added, "then it's not something that really reflects you, is it?"

We guess not. She's certainly never been one to hold back. Speaking of adventurous, click to enlarge more Taylor Momsen pictures from Qvest below ...

Taylor Momsen Underwear Photo?
Puppy Love
Taylor and Pals
Strange Taylor Momsen Photo

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Taylor is so pretty!!!


Everything from magazines, fashion shows, to mannequins has been put together by stylists. Stylists are hard working professionals who specialize in there field. A good stylist does not dictate what someone should wear but works with them to find a style that compliments them. Functional wardrobes and fashion is something you like to be up to date on and that is a full time job. There are so many areas to study and that would be difficult for her as an actress and model to understand. I am really glad Taylor Momsen is able to spend the time to find her style and what works for her but for most people who have not explored fashion if only through magazines know that when they go try on clothes they like it does not always suit them. So people rely on stylists and there is nothing wrong with that. XOXO R.


How can her character's switch from Blair-wannabe style to grungie chic be explained? I didn't quite catch the reasoning behind metamorphis there. Please let us know where Blair's striped party dress in "The Grandfather" is from! I want to get my hands on it ASAP!


Taylor is so pretty when she doesn't have all that crap on her face.
She's so young and yet she chooses to plaster the make up on as if she's got something to hide.
She's beautiful so she should be showing it off not covering it up!


Taylor was not referring to her wardrobe when she is playing Jenny, she was referring to her own style off the set.


She's on a TV show. She plays a character. She's not meant to be wearing clothing that reflects her personality if she's actually an actress.

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