Taylor and Pals
Taylor Momsen and a pair of puppies. Not a lot left to be said, really.

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she has a nice body


The reason Taylor doesn't get ripped and Miley does is because Miley is from Disney Channel. I'm 16 and i know that. Disney holds a higher image for the stars. No sex, no skimpy clothes, nothing. So the demands are higher. Also the audience is younger for Miley. Taylor's on a teen show, so that means there are no little girls watching it. Is it still wrong for Taylor to be photographed like this? Yes. But the facts are true about the whole disney thing.


This is how the world is now a days, ppl start looking mature and doing these things at such young ages, ppl at 12 do things like this, yeah I guess it's wrong but it's the way the world has changed so therefore she look great :)


Could someone please tell me what breed of dog the white puppy is?


I think shes stunning. And who cares if shes 15? Its photography and art, and its what you make it. I dont think she portrays herself in a negative manner at all.


To all the people with there I would never do that, of course you wouldn't but you don't live her life so how in the name of.. can you judge about a photo, you can say it's topless but it's covered! it's suposed to be classy and I think it worked out okay. Don't judge if you're not in the same position ar her.


curiousAnon09 - yeah she's a model but at least the girl on ANTM are 18 or over! She's not even legal!!!!! And I don;t think you'd see tyra making the girls pose naked with puppies! LOL and she's not brave - she's weird. i'm sorry if someone was like pose naked with these puppies i'd be ... wtf are you a pedo or something? not like OKAY xD


Wtf is wrong with famous 15 year olds? (*cough* miley cyrus as well) I'm 15 and if I did any of the shit that do, (EXAMPLE TAKE A PIC TOPLESS WITH TWO DOGS INFRONT OF MY CHEST - WTF? - AND LET IT GO ON THE INTERNET) My parents would kill me! And I wouldn't even do that cause its weird and slutty! EURGH and gross.


curiousAnon09< i agree completely!
and this is not NUDE, nothing is exposed.
i wouldnt do this, but i dont care if she does. people will always judge and it just shows how brave she is imo. but whatever.


i LOVE it! her life, her choice... im the same age btw and wouldnt do it, but i like it. If ur stupid enough to do something like this only cause an actress did it... then ur REALLy stupid...

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