The Big Bang Theory Spoilers: Sheldon in a Relationship?

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While most of the love interest story lines on The Big Bang Theory go to Leonard or Wolowitz, everyone is dying to know if Sheldon will ever get a girlfriend.  And no, we don't count his accidental relationship with grad student, Romana.

Kristin Dos Santos of E! Online recently asked the actor behind the hilarious Sheldon, Jim Parsons, and he responded, "I think we have a couple of more seasons to go before we'll see [Sheldon in love]. No matter how much I beg and plead, there's never any love in that way. I always thought that with Sheldon and Sara Gilbert's character, Leslie Winkle, the passion would have to burn hot. The hate does, so why wouldn't the love? But I don't think that's going to happen. I've said that out loud on the set and nobody takes me up on it."

So what do you guys think? Should a third member of the nerds try their attempt with Leslie?  How about the love / hate relationship between Sheldon and Penny? Jim simply laughed it off by saying, "How drunk would that [situation] have to be?!"

Sheldon and Penny Make Berets

Either way it sounds like we're waiting a couple more seasons.  Thank god The Big Bang Theory got renewed for at least two more.

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i agree it would have to be someone completly new,just as pretty as penny and have simialr interests with both sheldon and penny. in the first episode it seemed when sheldon and penny first met he did like impressing penny with his board so i think it would work well to have the same situation in which sheldon would be completly side swept and may even let her sit in his seat lol. and who knows if that goes well penny might get a more stable female friend, if i were penny i would of gone mad by now without some kind of decent female company in amongst all those guys.


Sheldon and Penny all the way! No one can put him in his place like she can - when she makes him sing "soft kitty" over and over, the way he listens to her more so than anyone else, etc. Leonard is irrelevant, they've all shared girls before so what's the difference. He'll find his own girl and get over Penny...


please people.. Penny and Sheldon? after she has already been with Leonard?
That's pretty much INCEST.
That would be incredibly boring to see penny with yet another nerd.
what would be good is a totally new face, even though it's often the sitcom plot to have the enemies fall in love. (Sheldon, and Leslie)
someone with big character, or simply someone who emphasizes Sheldon's in a whole new way.
Sheldon should have at least one romantic experience in the show. It doesn't have to completely change him then on afterwards. Think of it as a new challenge.
(pretty much all super heroes have a Loise Lane)


I hope I never see Sheldon in love in other seasons.
He is delightful such what he is. If he falls in love, he will be other person. Nothing special. It will be disappointment.


Or Leonard's Mom. Now that was a funny episode when they met!


I think it would be funny to have Sheldon and a very dominant woman - a tough biker chick or a dominatrix or something. Someone he couldn't talk his way around :)


um i don't like leslie, so no, that wouldn't be a good scenario.
but, if they were at a party and sheldon accidentaly got drunk(spiked punch), that would be funny.
i can't wait to see if sheldon is gay or straight.


Leslie and Sheldon...Please you are crazy? Penny and Sheldon for the win


There is so much chemistry between PENNY and SHELDON. We're all just waiting for something to happen... it looks their theirs would be a lasting relationship since we have seen their friendship build.


Sheldon and Penny belong together! There's no question about it.

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