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Vampire Diaries Casts Paul Wesley as Final Lead Vampire

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The CW has definitely got a hit on its hands with Vampire Diaries.  The show has now cast its final lead vampire in the form of heartthrob Paul Wesley.

Wesley is one of those actors you may not know his name but you definitely will recognize his face which has been seen on shows such as The O.C., Army Wives, Everwood and Smallville.

Wesley will play Stefan, one of the two vampire brothers that fall for Elena.  Stefan is a 200-year-old man that looks like a beautiful, young man.  The equally hunky Ian Somerhalder was cast as his brother, Damon, just yesterday.

Paul Wesley

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Hello paul u r great actor!


Hello paul u r great bctor!


I love vampire diaries it is like mine and my mates favourite show, every Tuesday this is what we look ford to!! I would rather watch vampire diaries then eastenders!! But it's now coming to an end :'( the last one is tomorrow, please don't stop vampire diaries it's like my life, I like most of the main actors, the best looking are stefan, daimian, laric and Tyler :) they also have a fall in love personality :') I will miss vampire diaries terribly :'(!!!!!


Paulll youuu aree such a greatt actorr !! keep up what youu doing its wonderful. P.S you aree soo gorgeouss , it hurts to watchhh youu on screen!!


hello Paul, you are great!


Paul Welsey I love you! You are a great actor! You are also really good looking!


hello paul I look also like vampire diaries I find you're the best performer is the problem but I, and are friend only 14 mine and we love you sweet find only we can not so good good English like it here learns Viell and we both live and in Germany hmm you can also use a bit of German


Ineed to be afriend to Ian and Paul wesley


hello paul..! u are a really good actor... i hope u will be awarded as the best actor


hello....!!!! I'm one who those fans of vampires diaries...!!!! its too cool!!!! I hope there's have many seasons to come...!!!! MORE POWER & GOD BLESS!!!! MwwAGHHZZZZZzzzz!!!!!!....

Vampire Diaries Quotes

You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger... I want you to get everything you're looking for. But for right now, I want you to forget that this happened. Can't have people knowing I'm in town yet. Goodnight, Elena.


I wanna say thank you for giving me everything I always wanted. A love to consume me, and passion, and adventure. There's nothing more I could ever want than for it to last forever, but it can't. This is the last time I'm gonna see you. This is goodbye, Damon.

Elena [to Damon]
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