30 Rock Quotes: "Apollo, Apollo"

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On 30 Rock last week, Jack reflected on good times past and present as he neared his 50th birthday, while Liz was confronted with the return of her ex-boyfriend Dennis.

Below are some of the best quotes from "Apollo, Apollo." Enjoy, and be sure check out our expanding library of 30 Rock quotes from all three seasons of the hit show!

Liz: Lizzing is a combination of laughing and whizzing. | permalink
Jack: The closest I came to vomiting tonight is when I saw Ann Coulter's shoulder blades. | permalink
Tracy: If you have a spaceship and you're looking for a hilarious astronaut with an irregular heartbeat and $30 million, I am prepared to leave as soon as tomorrow. I wrote that yesterday. | permalink
Jack: [to Tracy] Your contract expressly prohibits dangerous activities, like extreme sports or riding the subway on St. Patrick's Day. | permalink
Tracy: What is this, Horseville? Because I'm surrounded by naysayers. Wordplay!
Liz: That is solid. | permalink
Jack Turns 50
Jack: I'm aware of it. I have a Google news alert for the phrase 'Tracy Jordan ridiculous disaster. | permalink
Dennis: With the help of WedMD, I was recently self-diagnosed as a sex addict. | permalink
Tracy: When I was a kid growing up in the projects, I would look up into the stars and dream of going into space, escaping the slums, and killing an Ewok! | permalink
Jack: I'm Lizzing! | permalink
Jack: Go to Disneyland? Lemon, I've held Walt Disney's frozen head in my hands.
Liz: That's awesome. | permalink

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