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A Gossip Girl Prom Preview

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Thanks to Maria for sending in this scan from the print edition of Us Weekly of Gossip Girl's upcoming "glam prom gowns." Kind of speaks for itself, doesn't it?

Here's a little glimpse of what's to come in the May 11 episode ...

Gossip Girl Prom Pics

NOTE: We'll be posting a big gallery of pictures from the May 11 episode, "Valley Girls," tomorrow morning. Be sure to check back for those and all the latest Gossip Girl news, previews, commentary and spoilers from the Insider!

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nate and blair


Loving B's dress, Serena's, though, a little off for me, but whatev. I guess maybe it's not that pretty in the pic, but we'll see..


love blair's dress .... serena's is cute to.. but idk.. maybe is the picture... we'll have to wait...


OMG. Daman's a genius!!


lol sorry, not amy whinehouse ... its dita von teese ... but w.e. .... she is nothinn like blair, just found that ironic


(look under "red carpet" )


lmfao i love how blair's dress was made for amy whinehouse :P ..... check it out


Wow. Nate and Blair=AMAZING


~N~, get a life. Why are you on this site if you think Gossip Girl is boring? Some of us happen to think that these dresses are pretty and that GG is awesome. But if you're as stupid as your posts make you sound, then you probably went to prom dressed like a slut and thought that that was good taste. So, it just goes to show that no one is listening to you, and you might as well just go away. First you need to learn how to spell, though. Or at LEAST you need to learn how to read, because, honestly, it's not that hard to check over your post for mistakes BEFORE you post it. Just because YOU flunked kindergarten doesn't mean you need to shove your ignorance in our faces.


Ohmahgah, blair and nate are gorggg.

Gossip Girl Quotes

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