Brittany Snow: The Lily Rhodes Mug Shot

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As if we weren't already exciting enough for the Gossip Girl spin-off...

The first official photo of Brittany Snow in the role of a younger Lily has been released.

On the May 11 episode, which will serve as the lead-in to to this fall's still-untitled series, it looks like Lily finds herself in some serious trouble.

As the poster below reads, Serena's mom was a wild child...

Gossip Girl Poster: Valley Girls

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Brittany Snow is VERY slim, for all of you claiming that you "imagined" her to be slim... ridiculous eye color I can agree on, but it's not that big of a deal... she could have worn blue CONTACTS when she was younger... it was popular back then I think the resemblance is true... it's a good match.. and Brittany Snow is GREAT... I'm a fan boo to all the haters.. just wait and see


This is ridiculous. Im so not watching this. Why dont they just make a spin off of Blair mom too. Hey why not add Chucks dad too right. Seriously who cares about the gossip girls characters absentee parents ?? disincluding Rufus hes a good dad.


I really didn't care about the spin-off. But this looks good! I'll probably watch it ;)




Please, pay respect to the people that once suffered an eating disorder. You have NO IDEA what it is. And if Brittany was a patient in the past, my goodness, she looks amazing now :). Can't wait to see the episode!


I'm totally agree with gossipgirl527.
Just enjoy the spin off.
it's suppose to entertain you..please keep that in mind.


.. Haha, I just thought of how ideal it'd be to have Whitney Port portray Lily in the spin-off because I just realized how uncanny their resemblance to one another is! Ha. I'm still not a fan of Brittany Snow, just not my cup of tea.


okay , am i the only one who noticed this? the board that brittany has says lily rhodes... but according to season 1 episode 10 lillian is her true name and lily is her nick name... since when did the police start referring you by nick names?


When I first heard about the spinoff, I was excited, but unsure when I heard about Brittany Snow being Lily. I think she looks somewhat similar, and some people do change immensely as they age, but my problem was, can she do attitude? I mean everything I've seen her in, she playst the "Girl Next Door." That was until I found the movie "On the Doll." She plays a prostitute and very intense. I have a lot of faith in her, and believe many will be surprised. Not to mention Matt Barr is hot as all hell, now that he's not "Psycho Derrick," and I think they'll have great chemistry. In a lot of ways, I think that the spinoff has a lot of potential to do better than Gossip Girl, because it's appeals to a wider range of people (nostalgia factor included). Brittany Snow and Andrew McCarthy have big fanbases as well. Not to mention having No Doubt is huge, and I assume there will be a lot more bands involved in this show. I can't wait for May 11th!


Words cannot describe how sad I am that they cast Brittany Snow...I love her...dont get me wrong. I think she's a great actress and really cute. I was hoping this flashback was going to be believable, and right now i dont feel that way at all. They could have found actresses that look more like Kelly or at least sound like her when they talk. I'm going to watch this flashback forced to believe that Lily van der Woodsen has had multiple plastic surgeries, resulting in what she looks like today.

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