Brittany Snow: The Lily Rhodes Mug Shot

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As if we weren't already exciting enough for the Gossip Girl spin-off...

The first official photo of Brittany Snow in the role of a younger Lily has been released.

On the May 11 episode, which will serve as the lead-in to to this fall's still-untitled series, it looks like Lily finds herself in some serious trouble.

As the poster below reads, Serena's mom was a wild child...

Gossip Girl Poster: Valley Girls

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Brittany Snow is a great and beautiful actress and isnt fat at all! I feel that the posters above me that have been defending Brittany said everything I wanted to say. I for one am super excited for the spinoff. The casting is incredible and hope it will stay for along time. If the only reason some of you aren't going to watch the spinoff is because Brittany doesnt look exactly like Kelly, than that is pretty silly. Considering the fact that Brittany is a fanastic actress and does resemble Kelly alot. (P.S Kelly/Lily has HAZEL eyes)


Didn't say you couldn't have an opinion, SS. :) I just said that it's screwed up that you think she's fat. Honestly, you've been blinded by Hollywood/America's view of "the perfect body." Apparently, she has to be an 80-pound skeleton to be skinny and beautiful. Wow. Great view. Your opinion is something to marvel at.


wow omg it does look like stephanie pratt from, the hills
haha x


Okay, I for one think Brittany is a great choice for Lily. She has... spunk. I like her a lot. :)


well i don't think that shes fat at ALL, but i dont think she looks so much like lily.
like if you compare her bone structure to lily's and stuff or kellys w/e like her bones are just wider, she is still skinny though... she just doesnt look... fragile-ish enough i guess? it would be hard to find a teenage girl that looks like that though. but i think her voice is PERFECT for young lily (: i love her voice.
and if you really think shes FAT, thats just gay.


I agree with the post above mine. Well, I am excited for the spin off! =)


okay, first of all, brittney snow is amaizing and NOT FAT at all. she is more down to earth than any of you people that are commenting on her weight... at least she has the guts to come out about her eating disorder, and i think that was incredibly brave of her! hollywood puts so much pressure on girls to be thin, but then chastizes them for being anorexic or bulemic.
and nobody is going to look exactly like kelly! britney and kelly have very similar characteristics and it doesn't matter anyway, its JUST A SPINOFF!


Ugh, wtf is this? does everyone have to comment on peoples weight all the time? it fucking bothers me. LOOK AT HER FREAKING ARMS! how skinny does one have to be to get accepted by you morons? you should look at yourself in a fucking mirror.


Yes. Agreeing with the post above mine, the spinoff is still untitled. 'Valley Girls' will be a Gossip Girl episode:]


Actually, the spinoff IS untitled. 'Valley Girls,' what you were referring to in the lower righthand corner, is the name of the 'Gossip Girl' episode in which the flashbacks, and what will ultimately introduce the spin offm are introduced.

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