Brittany Snow: The Lily Rhodes Mug Shot

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As if we weren't already exciting enough for the Gossip Girl spin-off...

The first official photo of Brittany Snow in the role of a younger Lily has been released.

On the May 11 episode, which will serve as the lead-in to to this fall's still-untitled series, it looks like Lily finds herself in some serious trouble.

As the poster below reads, Serena's mom was a wild child...

Gossip Girl Poster: Valley Girls

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For starters, kay, you imbecile. I typed those comments, along with this one from my touch screen cell phone, hence the errors. In addition, I have fantastic grammar and I can voice whatever opinion i have and I'll continue to do so until your eyes explode. So, stfu.


Okay, she'd incredibly tall. . . .


andrea it's a spinoff... duh!


really it's untitled? so what does it say in the lower right hand corner...


what is with all the talk about her being fat? The outfit may make her look a little heavier than she is, the clothes in fashion weren't very flattering in the 80's. (At least not the ones I see in the vintage shops, I was just an infant in the 80's so I don't know) I think someone mentioned Maggie Grace to play Lily, I love her and she actually looks more the part. And I think she is a better actress. But I can't see this show sticking around for long. Spin-offs are never all that good.


The only good thing about this spinoff is that there will be no Vanessa in it.


so they actually shot a spin-off about a character nobody cares about, changed her complete looks and put her into the ugliest 80es revival dress ever - gosh!
why can't we have a dorota spin-off?


oh god all stop moaning that looks not like lily she cant look like her now can she cause theres only one lily and its not like shes her daughter who cares if shes not the spit sme i htink she looks like her enough to be the part so all shutup about it


Add a 'continue' in that first sentence, and we're good.


SS, just don't talking. Your slaying of the English language and the lack of anything intelligent to say is making my eyes hurt.

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