Desperate Housewives: A Facelift and an Affair?

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Sure a face lift for one of the women on Wisteria Lane doesn't seem far fetched and is far from a Desperate Housewives spoiler.  But what if we told you that it's going to be a househusband that gets the face lift!

According to the latest Ausiello Files' in Entertainment Weekly, one of the main guys is seriously considering plastic surgery.  Want something a little juicier than that?

Ausiello also reports that a certain redhead will be spending a lot of time with one of Susan's exes.  As we already know, Bree is contemplating a divorce; and Susan's ex, Karl Mayer, who was recently divorced himself, is a lawyer.

Marcia Cross as Bree
Richard Burgi as Karl Mayer

So, is this an affair, as Ausiello is teasing? Or merely a woman seeking divorce advice?  Either way, poor Orson.

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