Desperate Housewives Season Finale Spoiler: A Surprise Wedding!

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Attention, Desperate Housewives fans:

We hope you're sitting down, and wearing your thinking caps!

According to Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello, the show will conclude its season on May 17 with a shocking wedding.

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The identity of those walking down the aisle are so hush-hush that even members of the cast and crew have no idea who is getting hitched.

"People are being told on a need-to-know basis," said a show insider. "Marc [Cherry] doesn't want a repeat of last year when the flash-forward thing leaked."

Let the guessing games begin! Who do you think will be getting married?

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What do you mean the flash-foward thing leaked? They made that clear in the season 3 finale that they were jumping ahead 5 years!


Well, the groom is Mike but I hope the bride is Susan- it's obvious that they still love each other. The accident is what tore them apart and the accident is what will bring them back together- Mike agreeing to marry Catherine is a dumb mistake- maybe he only agreed because he saw that Susan was going to marry Jackson (another dumb idea)- but hopefully they will wake up and get back together! :)


Kerri needs to get her facts straight. Susan's friend Jackson is in jail awaiting deportation back to Canada, not Mexico.
Kerri also needs to learn how to spell a little better, use good punctuation and separate thoughts with periods, commas and semicolons. Run on sentences are difficult to interpret.
Just an observation and not meant to be mean spirited.

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