Desperate Housewives Spoilers: Bree's Kiss

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As we already know, Bree and Susan's ex, Karl, are about to spend some time together on Desperate Housewives.  Just just how far will things go when the two hang out?

Well according to Ausiello Files, he will confirm that the two do at least kiss.  However, he will not confirm a full-fledged affair.

Meanwhile, Ausiello has the scoop on another potential pairing... Susan and Mike again.  According to Hacher, "It's always been Marc Cherry's plan to have them together by the end of the show.  But I think the road getting there is getting bumpier and bumpier."

Meanwhile, Denton says, "I think there will definitely be at least another near miss for them,  but for the rest of the season and the near future, it is Mike and Katherine. They are getting pretty secure. We are already living together. And I think there may be some engagement news on the horizon."

Susan and Mike

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