Desperate Housewives Spoilers: Maiara Walsh Cast as Gaby's Niece

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ABC has finally cast Gaby's niece for her upcoming introduction on Desperate Housewives.  As we previously heard, Gaby's niece was described as funny and sexy... or basically a young version of Gaby herself.

So who better to cast than for ABC to take advantage of corporate synergy and hire Maiara Walsh of Disney's Cory in the House fame?  According to TV Guide, Maiara's character, Ana, makes her first appearance in the season finale.

Ana will have a long multi-episode arc in the Fall.

Maiara Walsh

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Umm .. Actually its not the kid that they sent away !!! LOL .. even search it on google they are two different people !! And anyway theres no change because of the age .... like they skiped 5 years in like one episode .. Lynetts twins were replaced by older boys and so was the other child + Penny LMFAO


i seriously think this is the girl that tom and lynette sent makes sense in so many ways.


Sexy! But not a Solis at all!!
I mean, Solises are mexican,,, And this girl doesn't represent a latina,,

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