Gossip Girl Caption Contest 48

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Welcome, Gossip Girl fans, to the 48th Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest! This week's winner is Kami. Congratulations! The winning caption entry appears below!

Honorable mentions go out to BASSOUTTAHELL, HookABass, and GJP2. Thanks to all for doing such a great job, and good luck again in next week's contest!

Blair and Nate's Grandfather

Blair: I said I would get Nate to change his mind, but I did not say you could put your hand there.

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Blair: OHHH no, you´re not that hot...


Blair: I want to be honest. I will tell you about all my sins.
Mr. Vanderbilt: I am an old man, Blair. But I still want to experience new things. Your confession would take about 30 years, I don't have time for this.


Mr V: Hello Blair, it's a plea- oh my! Why is there a man with a scarf hiding under your skirt.
Blair: Uh...
*Chuck stands up*
Mr V: Charles Bass!?!
Chuck: *extending hand* Hello again, pleasure as always.
Mr V: What were you doing with my grandson's beau?
Chuck: Oh, nothing I haven't done before. Excuse us, Blair an I have some business to take care of in the limo.
Blair: Just like old times.


Blair: Nate,I told you a million times, this isn't Halloween so take off the mask.
Old guy: I can't. This is my real face.
Blair: Oh my god! Ewwww! I knew that puppy dog face was too good to be true!
Old guy: I guess you don't want me anymore.
Blair: Well...are you still rich? And do you still have the puppy dog face mask?
Old guy: Well, I threw the mask out but I stole one of Chuck's, will that do?
Blair: Oh my god, are all the guys I had sex with secretly old and wrinkly?
Old guy: No, I've been impersonating him so you would fall in love with me. He's been trapped in Victrola shouting something about loving you for weeks.
Blair: Oh Chuck! I'm coming!
Old guy: He can't hear you.
Blair: Shut it you old fossil, and get out of my way. I've got a basstard to get to.


Blair: Chuck is that you?
Chuck: Yes, This is my new plan to ruin Nate and win you over.
Blair: Here comes Nate!
Chuck: As I was saying, you have my blessing, my grandson is lucky to have you. :P what do you guys think of that?


Blair: Oh God, what do I do?
Mr V: I'm not God.
Blair: Yes you are, now tell me what to do about Nate. He, the town dumbo, got into Yale! And I'm stuck trying to act like a- well, it's not fair. I make one mistake - ONE! - and my dream goes down the drain.
Mr V: Something good must have come out of it?
Blair: Something good? Are you kidding me? I got Nate. He's got a great body but it's like having sex with a wall. Hell, Chuck gave me passion- Fireworks! All Nate gives me is a reason to improve my acting skills.
Mr V: Your acting skills?
Blair: Yeah, faking an organism is surprisingly easy, it's pretending I care about his whiny problems that's troubling. I can only listen about how jealous he is for so long - jealous of Chuck for being the one I love, jealous of everyone else for not having their grandparents get them into the best ivy league school in the country, jealous at not being able to perform...the list goes on.


Blair: Do you mind! I'm taking care of some business here!
Mr. V.: Always remember Miss Waldorf, Dorota is always watching.
Blair: I thought God was always watching?
Mr. V.: That's what I said.


Blair: So you're God.
Old man: No, I can just help you get what you want.
Blair: Oh! So you're better than God.
Old man: Well-
Blair: Yeah, well, listen up and listen good because you being hard of hearing doesn't mean I won't get what I want and what I want is that Basshole to fight for me.
Old man: But-
Blair: And I want to go to Yale, so I would suggest you pick up your little phone and give God a call but since you're better than God, I know when I say I'm going to be a great addition at Yale that you are going to make it happen.
Old man: Well, I don't think-
Blair: Oh yes you can, if you can get someone like Nate into Yale and we both know he's lacking more brain cells than a Brooklyner then I know you can get me into Yale. So go on, get to it, otherwise Dorota will gladly show you a few tricks she learned in Russia. Understood?
Old man: Yes! Y-yes, I understand, right away Miss, but who is this Basshole?
Blair: Just follow the stench of second class whores and you'll find him.


Thanxxxxx GJP2!! :D


Another one, almost the same, just a small change :) Blair: God, I am so confused. I need a sign. Who do I choose, Chuck or Nate? Old Guy: Hello. Blair: A billionaire with horrible hair and a weird taste in neckties? Not exactly the sign I was hoping for, but, beggars can't be choosers. Chuck Bass it is!

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