Gossip Girl Spoilers: Blair, Chuck and the Prom

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Below are a couple of quick Gossip Girl spoilers from EW's Michael Ausiello in his weekly column. Give them a read and tell us what you think - in particular the first:

Q: Scoop on Gossip Girl please.

A: First, a correction about something I said last week. Turns out, Chuck does not try and sabotage Blair's campaign for prom queen. It's actually just the opposite.

Q: Any Gossip Girl season finale scoop?

A: The episode revolves around the gang trying to smoke out Gossip Girl.

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That is so cute that Chuck new about the scrapbook and made her prom dreams come true. I really want him and Blair together the are so cute together and I hope she finds out he did that


blair stays . chuck and jenny? no way


omg!!! blair leavs gg in the third season, and chuck comes togehter with jenny. :O


CHAIR. its all i can say.


I wish Blair and Nate would stay together but as we all know GOOD things always come to an end....and if Chuck really does tell Blair he LOVES her well then im happy with that too.I just hope he treats her right and doesnt cheat on her. And since Chuck really does love her of course hes going to help Blair become QUEEN.... xoxo gossip girl


Your right JULIA...People really thinks Nate is a decent guy..I will prefer Chuck, because he doesnt pretend on who he isnt..He isnt lying about the gurls he's sleeping with..and he knows his bounderies..he knew that sleeping with the bestfriend is the most sickest thing to do..and chasing Serena while he is still with Blair is gross...talking about two timing..Nate is always on a love triangle..CBN..NJV..He doesnt really knows what he wants.. But he is gorgeous..tall and very smart..well, thats about it..well dressed too..


There's still a third season. And I love the idea of Blair sewing the 'heart' on Chuck's scarf! That would be definitely cute!


is this the last season ever or..... plz answer.


can't wait for this ep!!!
need i say more??


Awwww! See, this is why I love Chuck: sometimes he is selfish and cruel, but other times witty, charming, vulverable and sweet. Still think you should be with Nate, Blair? Or have you picked the wrong Upper East side boy to be your King?

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