Miss B-having
What is Blair Waldorf up to this time? We don't know, but you know it isn't going to go smoothly. Never does.

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But where is the tiara from? I can't find it anywhere!


Flawless Beauty time and time again....Love you B!!!


N, it is URA fever by the kills . lol. it says so on the cw website anyways. it does sort of sound different for some reason though idk. but i downloaded urafever, its still an awesome song (: ik this wasnt rly any help but... idk. anyways. Blair looks so pretty hereeee :)


Wow! Too bad you can rate a pic higher than 10. Blair looks beautiful, thoughtful, vulnerable. While her bearing remains regal (as it should for our Queen B), there almost seems a humility to her in this...


I am guessing this is B either looking for someone, mooning, or looking AT someone approaching her. Is there a Bass around?


in episode 22 the very final scene with georgina spkarks(michelleT) and chuck bass (edW) ends with a nce music which sounds alike of the kills u.r.a. fever rmx or something like that if you know the song please tell me what that is . please. THANK YOU ahead. X


That tiara was made for that dress xd It simply matchs perfectly!


tiara is nice

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Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 24 Quotes

Ahh ... who knew the MotherChucker could also play fairy godmother. But if C just made B's dreams come true, why does it feel like our queen is standing with the wrong king?

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[to Lily] When I'm a mother I will be nothing like you. I would rather give my kids up for adoption than be like you. Oh wait, you did that.