How Will Kutner's Death Affect House?

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It was the most shocking, headline-making development on television this week:

Dr. Lawrence Kutner committed suicide on House.

How long will Kutner's death resonate on the series? Which characters will be most affected?

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House producers David Shore and Katie Jacobs answered those questions on a conference call with reporters yesterday...

The effects of Kutner's death:
"It will resonate at least through the end of the season. The impact on House and the rest of the people at Princeton-Plainsboro is what we're looking forward to exploring," said Shore.

The impact on various characters:
"Everyone is going to be impacted. You're going to see, perhaps surprisingly, Cameron's and Chase's reactions to it - you're going to see more of that," said Shore. "That's not to say they have a greater reaction, but you are going to see more of it... It was important to us to be as truthful to this as we possibly could and see everyone react. But we are going to bring Cameron and Chase to the forefront a little bit."

Added Jacobs:

"Everyone feels the impact of such a significant loss, but people process it in different ways. I think the greatest impact ... is ultimately with House. He's not at peace. He's unable to rest with the idea that he didn't see it coming and he can't explain it."

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