Private Practice Season Finale Spoilers, Preview: "Yours, Mine and Ours"

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Below is a clip from this week's Private Practice season finale, in which the scandalous and crazy love triangle and baby daddy mystery is finally unveiled? Or is it?

Amy Brenneman teased that "Something happens in the finale that is so big and upsetting that it makes the question of who the baby's father is secondary."

We imagine she's referring to this clip, in which Amanda Foreman's delusional character, Katie Kent, lost her own baby, so now she wants Violet's as a replacement.

It's as strange as it sounds, if not more so. Peep the Private Practice preview below:

[video url="/videos/yours-mine-and-ours-sneak-preview/" title="Yours, Mine and Ours Sneak Preview"][/video]

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O MY GOD why did it end this way how long do we have to wait till the new season australia...


This ending was SICK! So upsetting I couldn't sleep (and I'm a nurse of 25 yrs!) Stop giving the crazies out there IDEAS!!! Great show but POOR choice for ending.


If they kill off the baby or Violet...I will never watch this show again! Awful story line... it can give crazy people ideas!


This is a crazy way of finishing a season! You really pushed the line.


tbey cant kill my favorite character....and I want to know before the summer is over. That crazy lady was super scary....eternal guilt trips for Cooper.....hope she survives.


OH MY G-d that was some crazy shit


OMG it was toooo freakyyy. I am so scared, that woman is insaneee. The finale was so scary. I really hope h=they don't kill off Violet. But that woman needs to GO.


I just finished watching the finale and all I can say is I had to pick my jaw up from the floor and calm myself down from hyperventilating!!! When does the next season start???


Holy crap! What a cliffhanger! I hope they don't kill her off, she was so pretty.


OMG that's just plain freaking scary!! Where's Baby Daddy or Cooper when you need him?! Stalker/Crazy ex-patient stealing people and walking around with tranquilizers!! Holy crap!