Rob Estes Forecasts "Bodily Harm" on 90210 Season Finale

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Rumors of a season-ending death on 90210 have been circulating over the last week.

Based on an interview Entertainment Weekly conducted with Rob Estes (Harry Wilson), it sounds like these are more than mere rumors.

"There might be a death, perhaps a murder. I don't know if they will actually die because it is a cliffhanger. We left it open-ended. There may be a death in the finale. I can only promise bodily harm. Expect bodily harm."

So, 90210 fans, whose body do you think gets harmed?

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"There was talk that she and liam might me romanticly involved in the future !!" I like Annie, and specially the Liam/Annie relation that have been hinted. I hope she is not the one or at least that she will be ok and return next season. And I do hope that Liam and Annie gets together. T Dixton character on the other hand is a little boring. I hope that Ethan and Silver gets together.., well one can hope!


i think its gonna be Jen. (as the killer or the one being killed.) I think it will have to do with this husband of hers!!!


Yes, it could be Annie after reading those spoilers !! But i don't think she'll die... !! I mean, she is one of the main characters, plus there was talk that she and liam might me romanticly involved in the future !! I don't won't her to die that's for sure !


i hope its annie


hey janae, i certainly dont wish anyone to die, i just find both characters too boring and too good without any edge, anyway the article already said it will just be a scare, so thats why i also think its someone from the main family :)


judit are u serious?? thats soo fuckin stupid..there the main characters so they not goin to die.. i think maybe sumthing happens but get real die.. its not dat serious that u gotta wish death on someone. plus i like annie since she was on degrassi.. and dixon is soo cute!! juss becuz hes black doesnt mean he needs to die!




I just popped on wikipedia (which we all know is SOOO reliable) but i figured I would post this anyway. Supposedly something goes on with Annie (or Naomi) one of them is going to be the one with the bodily harm, but I highly doubt they're going to die.


are you serious judit dixon really? I'm agree for annie but dixon it's a good character Kill him was a big mistake he has a lot of fans, me the first. I love him and silver a beautiful couple


Oh! That's right, Sean is the brother not really brother guy!

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I'm gonna kill Dixon.