Smallville Interview with Erica Durance

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TV Guide recently sat down with the beautiful Erica Durance, who previewed the upcoming season eight finale.  Durance talks about what Lois does during the episode and about the much anticipated death.

Here's a small excerpt from the interview: Now let's talk about the season finale. What three words would you use to describe it?
Durance: Let me think... . I would say heartbreaking, surprising .. and magical

Erica Durance as Lois Lane "Magical"? Interesting. Does Lois have a good seat for the big throw-down between the boys?
Durance: [Laughs] I'm not allowed to say anything that Lois is doing. But I'll tell you this much: Lois has a good thrown-down of her own. And I bet you anything it will rival what the boys are doing, because it's two girls fighting. Did the big finale death utterly surprise you, the actress?
Durance: We all were taken aback when we got our script. Each one of us, seeing what all of our characters is doing... . Like I said, some heartbreaking things happen. I'm guessing that people will be sitting there at the end with a stunned look, their mouths hanging open, going, "Oh my God."

You can read the rest of the interview at TV Guide.

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