Stana Katic Shoots Down Kate/Castle Romance Rumors

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It's taken House and Cuddy five years to have sex.

By the time Bones and Brennan do the deed, it will have been four seasons.

Therefore, anyone hoping that Kate and Castle will soon jump into bed on Castle will need to keep waiting.

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"We bring in another guy, an ex of mine, and he stirs up the pot a bit," Stana Katic told E! this week, shooting down talk of her character getting it on with Castle. "We also discover a little bit more about her past, because Castle starts digging into it. He actually starts researching some of the files and finds out some interesting stuff on what happened to my mother."

Meanwhile, when it comes to the finale, Stana won't reveal much - but does say it ends with a cliffhanger. Let's now hope ABC actually picks up Castle for a second season.

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I love this show!! I hope it ABC picks it up for a second season. One of the most fresh shows around!

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