Chuck Bass: Always a Womanizer

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Just kidding. His heart belongs to Blair Waldorf and he's officially a one-woman man - at least for now. But you have to find the humor in Ed Westwick, in character as Chuck Bass, turning on the charm and romancing ... CW president Dawn Ostroff.

Here's Ed Westwick making his faux advertising sales pitch - possibly laced with romantic overtures - to Dawn at the network's 2009 Upfronts last week ...

Ed Westwick, Dawn Ostroff

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omg omg omg hyperventilating hyperventilating!!!! Yeah i know he's kissing an executive and not blair, but that look......he can make girls swoon with just a kiss on the hand.....


OMG, hes so stylish, I`m absolutly getting his style.


Krissy thnks .... it has tipped the tip if my CHAIR love...he was wonderful as short as it was it was SO worth the


�OMG he is GORGEOUS....�
�He is a SWEET/BAD BOY, that makes him even more attractive�
LOVE this pic its cute!


he's just so HOT! :">


Can somebody tell me were I can get that video ?? I HAAAVEEEE to see that !




that's so sweet. he's a gentleman. he can be a badboy but he can be chivalrous. so that's really cool


i would do whatever he said rite then and there lol


OMG, Blair is going to be so pissed!


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