Coming to Bones: Brennan and Angela in Bed?!?

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This is really more of a Bones anti-spoiler.

But with the possibility of Brennan and Booth having actual intercourse off the table for awhile, an Entertainment Weekly reader wants to know if Bones might move on to bisexual BFF Angela.

"We've never discussed that but I wouldn't put it past [producers]," Emily Deschanel replied, laughing."I feel like Brennan's the type of character that if she had feelings for a woman she wouldn't question that and she'd go for it. But it would be kind of complicated with her best friend."

Brennan and Angela

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I truly don't want to see Brennan and Angela in love with each other or having sex with each other. I find the whole promotion of gay and lesbian lifestyles to be offensive and unnecessary. In fact, I also don't see a need to put couples in bed together. I have an idea of what happens with adults. I have can use my imagination - blatant sexuality keeps my kids from watching a lot of programs with me. I am not a homophobe and I don't spit on people I know who practice such lifestyles. I just don't want to know that much about people. I don't talk about my sex life with others. Who would want to know anyway? Please spare us sex on a crime drama. What does that have to do with solving deaths whether natural or not.

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