Gossip Girl Caption Contest 53

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Welcome, Gossip Girl fans, to the 53rd Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest, our fun Friday feature. As always, you all make it very difficult to choose among these awesome submissions. But we must, and this week's winner is kailey. Congratulations!

Honorable mentions go out to HookaBass, kialove978, and shadow243.

Thanks for playing, Gossip Girl fanatics, and best of luck again this week...

Graduation Day

Serena: I can't believe I'm finally graduating.
Blair: Neither can I, can you even read?

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Blair: Hey S, did you dye your hair one colour darker to look smarter, or is it your real colour?
Serena: It's real! I know, it's unbelievable, right?


Fresh goes better, Mentos freshness, fresh goes better with Mentos, fresh and full of life! Mentos, the freshmaker!


Blair: What? Serena: You have a booger coming out of your nose!


Serena - Aren't you glad we're graduating?
Blair - Glad? I'm ecstatic! We actually managed to get to the end of high school in the show - the 80's spin off didn't even get one episode!


Serena: *thinking* smile smile smile smile flip hair smile
*starts turning blue*
Blair: Serena! we went over this remember to breath.
*thinking* i can't believe shes graduating


Serena: B is that spinnache in your teeth ?¿?¿
Blair: is that hair growing out of your mole ?¿?


Blair: S, why aren't you wearing your cap?
Serena: What are you talking about? I am- oh god.
Blair: What? Did you lose it when you were in the broom closet with Dan?
Serena: No.
Blair: Then when-
Serena: When I was in the broom closet with Rufus....Which was after I was there with Dan.


Serena: Isn't it amazing that we're graduating b!
Blair: I find it more amazing that you managed to get away with not wearing a graduation hat. But then I remember that you're Serena van der Woodsen.
Serena:...Isn't it amazing that we're graduating b!


Serena: Do I have anything in my teeth?
Blair: Just like your head, there's nothing in there...Nothing at all.


serena: chuck totally just deserved that;)

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