Gossip Girl Caption Contest 53

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Welcome, Gossip Girl fans, to the 53rd Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest, our fun Friday feature. As always, you all make it very difficult to choose among these awesome submissions. But we must, and this week's winner is kailey. Congratulations!

Honorable mentions go out to HookaBass, kialove978, and shadow243.

Thanks for playing, Gossip Girl fanatics, and best of luck again this week...

Graduation Day

Serena: I can't believe I'm finally graduating.
Blair: Neither can I, can you even read?

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nice one, anne st. funnnnn-y!


Blair: why am i not suprised you're not wearing your graduation cap today?
Serena:who would i be fooling Blair? Everybody knows i'm not a virgin
Blair:(sarcastically) you never cease to impress me S.I must say, what a shame you're not Valedictorian.


Blair: Is he looking at me?
Serena: Who?
Blair: Chuck! Don't Look Obvious!
Serena: (Smiling) No...
Blair: Then why are you smiling at me?
Serena: Look how many guys there is that I have slept with in the crowd and the people graduating!
Blair: SLUT!
Serena: (Laughing) What?
Blair: Nothing.....


Serena: I am so happy!
Blair: I know, for once your hair actually looks good! It looks like you finally washed it!
Serena: Wait, what?

I am chuck bass

sorry, wanted to change it: Blair: Serena! We've talked about this. Clipping a tassle to you hair is NOT an acceptable substitute for wearing a hat!

I am chuck bass

Blair: Clipping a tassle to you hair is NOT an acceptable substitute for wearing a hat!


Serena: I so pictured Chuck showing up in a purple vest! Blair: I know! Me too!


Blair: Any chance these lame graduation outfits were made by a famous fashion designer?
Serena: None, I guess...
Blair: Remind me of taking a decontaminating shower when I get home!


Blair: Why don't you have your cap on?
Serena: Because I want to be different just one more time!


Serena: B, this year is ending so well! your with chuck, im back with nate... Blair:(angrily) Hold up! What?! Serena: (awkward laugh) you guys are broken up... Blair: Yeah, but he's still mine too.

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