Gossip Girl Caption Contest 53

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Welcome, Gossip Girl fans, to the 53rd Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest, our fun Friday feature. As always, you all make it very difficult to choose among these awesome submissions. But we must, and this week's winner is kailey. Congratulations!

Honorable mentions go out to HookaBass, kialove978, and shadow243.

Thanks for playing, Gossip Girl fanatics, and best of luck again this week...

Graduation Day

Serena: I can't believe I'm finally graduating.
Blair: Neither can I, can you even read?

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Blair: What are you smiling at S?
Serena: I just realized...I´m going to Brown, a "so-called Ivy League school", and you´re going to NYU! Who needs that dreadlocking kit now??


Blair: Hahaha... Serena: I know, it's hilarious...Chuck and Dan...who would have thought???


Serena: You think anyone will notice I lost my cap?
Blair: The whole smiling thing and long shining blond hair are helpful...but one of your revealing outfits would´ve been even better to distract everyone!


Blair: Why arent you wearing your cap? Serena: My head was too big for it.


Serena: Wait we're actually supposed to wear our graduation caps????


Blair: Are you wearing a tassel in your hair?
Serena: That's not the only place, sweetie.


B: I never thought that I would see this day...
S: I know we're finally graduating!
B: No I mean, I never thought I would see the day you're wearing a high neck dress that's actually covering your boobs. Sorry if the grammar or spelling is wrong. English is not my first language


Blair: so let me get this straight, you've been sitting in jail making new friends and you have the nerve to sit next to me at graduation without even going home first to take a shower? Serena: yeah, something like that, B. Oh yeah, and one, more thing: I'm not wearing any underwear either. Ooh, smile for the camera! Blair: you're disgusting...


Blair- Serena where is you cap? And why is your green thing in your hair?
Serena- Oh Rufus stole my cap to use as a ring when he proposes to my mom. You know how he is, too cheap to buy a ring. He wanted to propose to her with a lincon hawk ticket but I said no, take my grad cap!
Blair- Oh, you and him are gonna make a great father and daughter!


Steve hands down wins this caption contest

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