Gossip Girl Caption Contest 53

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Welcome, Gossip Girl fans, to the 53rd Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest, our fun Friday feature. As always, you all make it very difficult to choose among these awesome submissions. But we must, and this week's winner is kailey. Congratulations!

Honorable mentions go out to HookaBass, kialove978, and shadow243.

Thanks for playing, Gossip Girl fanatics, and best of luck again this week...

Graduation Day

Serena: I can't believe I'm finally graduating.
Blair: Neither can I, can you even read?

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Blair: S why are you smiling?
Serena: one of my alarms just went off. my phone is vibrating
Blair: and that makes you smiling because?
Serena: i am sitting on it. i can't believe i never did that before.
Blair: i can't believe you're graduating. stop smiling now and put your phone on ringer so all our phones can ring in harmony when we get the next GossipGirl blast.
Serena:(thinking)I guess i won't need a boyfriend anymore


Serena: Blair, why am I the only one not wearing a graduation hat?
Blair: Why would you need a hat when you can just wear a tassle in your hair.


Serena: B, I think the tassle-in-the-hair thing worked. Everybody keeps looking at me!
Blair: No, Serena. They're just flummoxed by the fact that you're not flashing your boobs today for the whole world to see.


Serena (fake smiling): I'm not irrelevant, right blair?
Blair: Right...
Serena (still fake smiling): Say something to get my mind off this.
Blair: Did he say it like.....
Serena: Oh god.


B: now that we're graduating I've been thinking about everything thats happened in highschool *giggles*
B:remember that time you and dan had sex, and he had to take cedric out of the room?
S: and I caught him crying in the bathroom!


Serena:Keep smiling, keep smiling
Blair throught gritted teeth* kinda hard too with your finger up my pussy.


lol..Loved kailey's, good one!

Chair4eva sk

Blair: how're my teeth???
Serena: ugh. U have some gross spinach in there!


Blair: OMG why don't you have your cap on?
Serena: cuz i'm Chuck Bass.....................half sister.


TFV168 Says:
May 30th, 2009 12:58 AM B: Chuck & I dared each other to go "Commando" under our graduation robes. ^^thats hilarious

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