Gossip Girl Round Table: "Valley Girls"

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You've sounded off in our Valley Girls" include memorable lines, the pros and cons of '80s Lily, Nair's breakup, Derena's future and next week's finale ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?

DANdy: Carol's reference to a music video as equating to "national exposure [and] the birth of a new art form." This was true for awhile on MTV, but the network then killed the music video in favor of people such as Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. I blame you for their existence, Carol.

Gossip Guy: Can I actually go with the whole exchange of Dorota bringing the dress to Blair instead of a quote? I guess if we had to limit it to just a quote, I'll go with the "This body bag, corpse not pretty" as she held up the dry cleaning bag.

Mister Meester: I love my celebrity gossip, so it's gotta be Blair's observation that "Serena's been in jail for four hours, she's already served more time than Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie combined!" She must think these up in advance.

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2. Did Blair break up with Nate for the right reasons?

DANdy: Yes. There are always three acceptable reasons for a break up: infidelity; a sex change; and clearly being in love with your boyfriend's BFF.

Mister Meester: While I agree with Gossip Girl that our queen was with the wrong king up on that stage, it still seemed a little sudden and forced to me. Nate received virtually no explanation, nor did he ask for one. Perhaps without devoting half the episode to flashbacks, this could have been developed better.

Gossip Guy:  No. The right reasons were because he's not Chuck, but at least she made the choice in the end.

3. Will Dan and Serena get together ... again?

Mister Meester: I hope so. Since the beginning of the series I've been a sucker for my Derena. They definitely have their share of issues and need to take it slower to make it actually last this time, but that's one journey I want to be a part of. Now.

DANdy: Wait, they're not together? I can't keep up with these two!

Gossip Guy: That was actually ridiculously sweet what he did. My only issues are, eww, couldn't the girl have gone home and showered after being in jail before going to prom? Anyways, I was very happy these two went to prom together, but I just don't think they're going to work.

4. What did you like most about the '80s scenes?

Gossip Guy: No Doubt, excuse me, Snowed Out, rocking out. How does Gwen Stefani still look that good? Oh, and the rest of the rocking 80's music and ridiculous outfits.

DANdy: The cocaine snorting. I really miss those days.

Mister Meester: I'm a sucker for '80s hits, so definitely the music. I also loved Kryster Ritter as Carol, and the role-reversing tie-ins with 2009 Lily's struggle with Serena didn't make the flashbacks seem quite as forced as I expected.

Young Lily Pic

Brittany Snow as Lily Rhodes, circa 1983.

5. What did you like least about the '80s scenes?

Mister Meester: Three words, eight letters: zzz zz zzz. Don't get me wrong, they did a nice enough job with the flashbacks. I'm just a little confused as to why I should care about this supporting character's exploits in an era I can only vaguely recall. And by that, I obviously mean I was walking around in a drug-induced haze three years old.

Gossip Guy: The lame casting of Brittany Snow. She's cute. Her acting wasn't bad. But I'm sorry, there's no way I'll ever believe her as a young Kelly Rutherford. You guys ever hear of height, eyes, and facial structure? I'd like to personally fire whoever made this casting call. It completely dispelled any chance of me believing these scenes.

DANdy: The cocaine snorting. It reminded me of Darryl Strawberry's fall from grace.

BONUS QUESTION: Fill in the blanks based on the CW's season finale synopsis: Blair and Chuck finally ______. Serena is shocked by ______. Georgina decides to ______. Dan, Nate, and Vanessa unknowingly ________.

DANdy: Blair and Chuck finally have sex in a bed. Serena is shocked by the ample size of her bosom. Georgina decides to run for Congress. Dan, Nate, and Vanessa unknowingly shower together.

Gossip Guy: Blair and Chuck finally confess their love. Serena is shocked by to learn even her looks can't get the money back. Georgina decides to leave the show and end the crappy crime caper storyline. Dan, Nate, and Vanessa unknowingly have a devil's threesome. Not sure how unknowingly.

Mister Meester: Blair and Chuck finally ... say what we've been waiting to hear for so long? Serena is shocked by ... the identity of her half-brother? Georgina decides to ... move back to New York? D and N hook up with V unbeknownst to the other?


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1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode? It would have to be Blair's quote: "I OWN PROM!" 2. Did Blair break up with Nate for the right reasons? As a big Chair fan... yes. :P 3. Will Dan and Serena get together ... again? No. 4. What did you like most about the '80s scenes?
I don't really know. 5. What did you like least about the '80s scenes?
I didn't like the scene where Brittany Snow had to change a lot of clothes and it definitely did not suit her. The fact that Brittany Snow was casted to be Lily, I have nothing against her it's just that Brit does not look anything like Kelly Rutherford. BONUS QUESTION: Fill in the blanks based on the CW's season finale synopsis: Blair and Chuck finally ______. Serena is shocked by ______. Georgina decides to ______. Dan, Nate, and Vanessa unknowingly ________. Blair and Chuck finally get together and no one or nothing will stop them.
Serena is shocked by the suitor who is actually her stepbrother.
Georgina decides to stay in NY for good and maybe date Carter Baizen. :P
Dan, Nate and Vanessa unknowingly disappear.


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?
"I did. about 150 times" That made the episode for me 2. Did Blair break up with Nate for the right reasons?
They should have never gotten together in the first place, that SL was so boring and predictable it made me cringe everytime I saw them on the screen. So, I suppose every reason for breaking up would have been a good reason, even "Ehi Nate, you have a spot on your face, let's break up!" 3. Will Dan and Serena get together ... again?
I hope not. They have been so good a part, and I didn't really see any spark at prom, just a friend helping a friend (like with Gabriel). Maybe they can end up together during season 6 4. What did you like most about the '80s scenes?
The photography, costumes and make up. But I think that the target audience is older than GG's, about Josh's and Stephanie's age! I mean, I'm 33 and the only reason why I could recognise styles, icons and references was because shows like Miami Vice, Dinasty etc arrived in Italy at the end of the 80s' 5. What did you like least about the '80s scenes?
The two guys playing Owen and the blonde guy (sorry, I don't remember the name). They seemed a bit over the top with their acting, more like impersonating a caricature of a guy of the 80s' than really acting. Oh, and the fact that no one smoked. Don't tell me it's a moral issue, they were snorting cocaine...
Blair and Chuck finally get together.
Serena is shocked by the identity of who's helping GG
Georgina decides to move to NY
Dan, Nate, and Vanessa unknowingly find out about Scott's real identity


although everyone seems to be concerned bout how the flashback were too long and stuff. but i just notice that this was a great mother's day episode.. it had a very touching ending. mostly the one where blair and serena were sitting on the steps and talk bout the end of high school, and how they grew up together like sisters-very sentimental.. also, the one where lily finally forgives her own mother, of course how chuck was being so sweet. and nate heartbroken. everyone who's watching had the right to cry when this episode aired.. awww. i love this show!


About the reasons blair and nate broke up.... let's remember that it was said that blair was with nate because he gave her a sense of comfort, reminded her of time where everything was perfect. That is why she went back to him since she wasn't going to yale, and noticed she couldn't control everything she broke and went back to nate. It might sound kinda mean but when she's ok she doesn't need the comfort nate brings her, and remembers how much she loves chair drama lol... couldn't help myself from that last line.


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?
--I hate to be redundant, but it's gotta be Chuck - "I did. 150 times." Le sigh. 2. Did Blair break up with Nate for the right reasons?
--Wrong reasons, right decision. Deep in her heart, she knows that it's Chuck all the way, and even if he says that he doesn't love her (a flat-out LIE, obvs), running to Nate isn't going to fill the void. I say kudos to Blair because it's pretty courageous to choose being alone over being with someone you don't love. 3. Will Dan and Serena get together ... again?
--Who knows. I think not, but honestly, I'm so far beyond caring about either of them at this point, it's not even funny. Dan did grow a pair this episode and wasn't his usual whiny, condescending self, but he'll probably be up to his old holier-than-thou tricks in the finale. 4. What did you like most about the '80s scenes?
--I thought Kristen Ritter looked gorgeous, but other than that, NADA. 5. What did you like least about the '80s scenes?
-- I thought it was some of the most painfully horrific acting I've ever seen on Gossip Girl, and that's really saying something. I found the references very cliched, the dialogue stilted and campy, and the plot snooze-worthy. Suffice it to say, I'll be shocked if it gets picked up. BONUS QUESTION: Fill in the blanks based on the CW's season finale synopsis: Blair and Chuck finally ______. Serena is shocked by ______. Georgina decides to ______. Dan, Nate, and Vanessa unknowingly ________. --Blair and Chuck finally... say those three words, eight letters. Serena is shocked by... the identity of Gossip Girl??? Georgina decides to... move back to New York, finally becoming a series regular (please please please, fingers crossed). Dan, Nate, and Vanessa unknowingly... befriend the mystery half-brother???


favorite quote
I DONT KNOW WHY NO ONE PUT THIS 1.blair to serena while in jail: "so did you cut your hair into a mullet and found a lesbian girlfriend yet?"
so great 2. i personally dont care 3. i really really hope so. and was pissed they didn't even have a smudge of a romantic scene 4. young lily beating up those guys for owen..i think that was his name. p.s i thought brittany snow was awesome in the ep. 5. it took up to much of the ep 6. Blair and chuck finally say i love you and get together. Serena is shocked to meet her half sibiling. and dan vanessa and nate have a love triangle


1. My favorite quote of the episode was Blair's "I own Prom.".
2. Yes, Blair broke up with Nate for the right reasons. You can dream about something your whole life, and when you finally get it you realize it's not what you really want.
3. Dan & Serena - don't care. Probably not. Having a half-brother in common would be too weird for them.
4. My favorite part of the 80s flashbacks? 2 words, 14 letters - Andrew McCarthy!
5. My least favorite part of the 80s flashbacks? It didn't seem to mesh well with the current storyline, but maybe that's just my issue. 'Gossip Girl' is my IDIOT show - a tv show that requires no intelligence or concentration when watching; it is supposed to just spoon-feed my brain until it's mush. I wasn't prepared to have to pay close attention, read subtext, and figure out how Lilly's past experiences of her youth influence her current day relationships with her mother & daughter. That's just too much work!
BQ. Not worth the extra credit.


Totally agree with Blair C Bass about what's going to happen in the finale! Oh my gosh!


Favorite quote: "I did. 150 times." Did B & N break up for the right reasons?
How should we know, since we barely got to see it happening? I feel like we missed about a dozen scenes that should and would have been in the episode, were it not for the dumb flashbacks! First they're king and queen of prom, and the next thing you know, Boom! It's over. Last episode, Nate is pressuring Blair to move in together, and this week she breaks it all off with some vague, confusing comments and he just stands there with barely a grunt? Absurd. I don't think Dan and Serena should be a couple, now that they've given them a common sibling. Too weird. I like Brittany Snow and I LOVE Cynthia Watros, but this 80's thing was nonsense. If they wanted to have another show, great, have another show. Don't spoil the penultimate episode--the Prom episode, for pete's sake!--with this pointless distraction. What did you like the least about the '80s scenes?
Everything, but most of all the sudden flashing back and forth. It was slice and dice worthy of a horror movie. Bonus:
Blair and Chuck will finally, after several episodes of total neglect and downright sabotage of their storyline, suddenly wrap it all up. Chair fans will be thrilled, but it's like giving us a thimbleful of water after six months in the desert.
Serena is shocked that Georgina was last seen in a cliffhanger ending, and then totally dropped for a week with no explanation.
Georgina decides to return again out of the blue to seduce Dan, successfully this time.
Dan, Nate, and Vanessa unknowingly book a seat on the same flight out of town.


I really want the Nate/Dan/Vanessa thing to be some sort of threesome - maybe both boys try and make out with her? I don't know - it just has to be something GOOD! If it's anything about the "love child" I will declare Dan lame and useless, and he's not in the same category as snorsville Nate and Vanessa, so they better give him and them a better storyline.

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