Nate and Blair at the Prom
What's going on with Nate and Blair at the prom?

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They look heartbreakingly gorgeous together. It's too bad Blair can't have both Nate and Chuck, though.


how I love this so much...!!!!
its definitely PERFERCT....!!!
Nate and Blair are perfect Couple ever...!!!
Make it real in real life "nair"
Chace and Leigthon are the most suitable couple...!!!!


King N & Queen B 4ever..*my wish*


owhh..plis..nate and blair are definitely in love...they need to be together for real next season


finally glad this "nair" thing is over, there never was, is or will be any chemistry,
CHAIR forever!! They are the perfect couple and they both love each other!


I'm a huge Nair fan, and i'm so sad about this, i hope they finally ended up together... And that Chuck return like a bitch one boy, not like a nice one who is in love of someone


I am one of the very few Nair fans out there and I was deeply sadden by this last episode. I truly think that the break up brought out Nate's emotions. Many critique Nate for lacking personality but I feel the break up scene revealed his softer side. More importantly, it revealed his love for Blair. I truly hope the writers will at least still create scenes between Nate and Blair, if nothing else. Their friendship was beautiful. Hope Chuck treats her well.


I'm a total Chair fan,and I still thought this scene was so sad!!!


I had hoped this would last longer . . . so sad for this . . .

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