Gossip Girl Season 2 DVD Release Date Announced

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The second season of Gossip Girl has officially been given a DVD release date, and we are happy to report that you can mark August 18 on your calendar.

Just in time for Season Three, which tentatively premieres August 31!

In the DVD set, you'll get all 25 Season Two episodes on seven discs.

The video is listed as widescreen (all the better to see Chuck Bass with), and audio in English Dolby Surround 5.1 with an option for English subtitles.

Bonus material, if any, wasn't mentioned with this morning's initial info, but we suspect some will make it into the final product. The cost is $59.98.

Try not to bombard Amazon with all of your pre-orders at once ...

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oh well
atleast ed is beside jessica i love how in remains of the j vanessa kissed chuck


They really had to use a picture from an issue of 'People' from 2008? They couldn't take a new picture for the cover? Leighton looks awful here- this was her bad hair stage. And i loove season one's cover, but, unfortunately, Leighton looks a mess on that one, too. She is suchhh a beautiful girl. Why can't they show it on their covers?


Eh, It'll be on sale for $18 at Target by Thanksgiving.


I actually like this picture even if it is old. It represents the show way better than the garbage picture on the ssn 1 box set. I didnt even want to buy it, it was so horrible. Much better this year!


I'll say it again. Anybody that buys a DVD the first week that it comes out needs to have their heads examined.


Blah soooooo far awayyyy


I love the cover it´s really awesome!


OMG, my birthday is on 13th August and this would be the perfect birthday present, except the fact that I live in Great Britain!

Blair cornelia archibald

gag reel! Please! I love Rufus on the bloppers; he's the best.


i had to pre-order it :)


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