Gossip Girl Spoilers: Blair's Living Situation

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Is the Upper East Side's Queen B really going to be slumming it in regular student housing come fall? Here's a little tidbit from TV Guide's spoiler Q&A this morning ...

Q: Any scoop on Gossip Girl's Season 3?

A: At the CW upfronts, Leighton Meester (Blair Waldrof) seemed to confirm that Georgina Sparks' plan to weasel her way into Blair's life will be successful, as Blair will be living - gasp! - in an NYU dorm, with the little people!

That includes possibly both G. and V.!

Don't worry, Dorota fans; she'll still be on hand to tend to her "Miss Blair."

The Sad Queen

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Um....just no. Troll and Dan wouldn't help Blair, they would conspire against her with Georgina. Hopefully Chuck and Blair can show them who's boss!


(esp. b/c taking care of Blair wouldn't be a full-time job anyway) LOL, you sure about that? I must agree that I find it quite unlikely that Blair would even play at living in a dorm. Yet, I watch GG purely for escapist purposes, not for a dose of reality, so as long as they can come up with a semi-reasonable/plausible background for it, I'll bite.
I do like the idea of a little Georgina mischief, as long as it's not too angst-generating on the Chair front... I'm even hoping that the writers can fix Vanessa, now that she has a reason to run into everybody. They're not getting rid of her anytime soon, no matter how much some want her gone, so the least they can do is take this golden opportunity...
Just don't fix her up with Chuck again, or millions will be upchucking on their screens before turning off GG for good...


Chuck has been living at Lily's for a while now, and the room at the Palace is like a studio - it's a single room - they'd drive each other crazy cooped up in such a small space! Trust me ... I lived in an apt. smaller than that room, and it's tough with 2 people! I think it would be more likely for Blair to live in an off-campus apartment. There were plenty of wealthy kids at my school who lived in the dorms the first year b/c they wanted the experience, then moved off campus. It's not very "Blair", but I can see it. However, if it's true that Dorota will still be around quite a bit, something is likely to change b/c there's no way Eleanor's letting Dorota go as her full-time staff (esp. b/c taking care of Blair wouldn't be a full-time job anyway). Hmmm....


In my opinion, regarding Blairs character it is virtually impossible for her to live in a dorm...I mean hello? she`s a waldorf! I don`t understand why she`s not living with chuck in the palace..?


Well, I do agree with whale sweater about the show not being realistic. I'd say that it kinda has its own reality for that matter. But getting Blair to go to a dorm it's unrealistic even for the reality of the show! It pretty obvious that a character such as Blair would NEVER move to a dorm, specially considering the fact that she already lives in NYC. I mean for Dan, Vanessa, Nate, even Serena it would be ok to do such a thing, but not for Blair. But, we don't really know what will happen, so maybe the writers will stick to a more realistic storyline and have Blair living in a dorm for like 3 or 4 episodes and then moving back to a place more suited for her


some colleges require freshmen to live in the dorms. dont know if NYU really does or not, but that's probably what the story is here. otherwise, no way would blair live in dorms!! gross!!


umm...why on earth would b want to live at nyu?? i agree with all the other posts about how we dont watch gg for reality, but seriously, as if any dorm could satisfy b lol it'd be the size of her wardrobe!


is there someone who know's if there will be a gossip girl revealed? just like last, where they show the bloopers of the show?

J xoxo

Well I for one LOVE Georgina, she's such a funny and bitchy character that always livens things up. Georgie & Blair together? Perfect! Lol


I have a strong feeling that Georgina's gonna try to ruin Chuck and Blair's relationship. She'll probably try to seduce Chuck and make Blair jealous. This is so going to be a vicious catfight! I can already imagine all the drama that's bound to happen!

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