Gossip Girl Spoilers: Season Finale Synopsis

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Below is the CW's synopsis of the upcoming season finale of Gossip Girl, entitled "The Goodbye Gossip Girl." Here's what the network says is in store for us:

Gossip Girl decides to liven things up at the Constance Billard and St. Jude’s graduation by sending out a shocking and damaging email blast in the midst of the commencement ceremony, stirring Serena to come up with a plan of attack.

The Mean Girls challenge Jenny to throw her hat in the ring to succeed Blair as Queen Bee next year. Lily and Rufus struggle to repair their relationship after Lily’s betrayal.

As for the cliffhangers:

  • Blair and Chuck finally ...
  • Serena is shocked by ...
  • Georgina decides to ...
  • Dan, Nate and Vanessa unknowingly ...

... and it all happens in the series’ climactic season finale!

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OMG!!! you think they will write off chuck since he got shot?? maybe they will and vanessa tooo, since she is on that trip and got the GG pic about Serina and Dan.. aren't Chuck and Vanessa a couple in real life??? bet 1,000,000 dollars that baby isn't Dan's... Gorgina said she was wanted by some Russian's, and Dan was the last person she went to when she got back into town.... this is BS.. i'm sooo mad that chuck and Blaire didn't make up.... UUUUHHUUHHH , if they don't get it together soon, i'm calling the writer's lol...




I don't think GG is Chuck. He wouldn't post all of those insulting things about Blair! I think it's Eric...they alluded to it before! (Season 1, Episode 16) Or maybe it's Cece! LOL


OBVIOUSLY... Blair and Chuck finally ... Tell each other their real feelings. Say I love you. Become a couple. Bang. Serena is shocked by ... Figuring out Gossip Girl... is Chuck. No joke. I honestly think it's him. Georgina decides to ... stay in the show as a regular. Dan, Nate and Vanessa unknowingly ... meet Lily and Rufus's love child without knowing it's him until the very end.


BLAIR AND CHUCK FINALLY get together and say those three words. (Duh xD)
SERENA IS SHOCKED BY Gossip Girl's blast at the ceremonie and/or finding out who is linked to Gossip Girl
GEORGINA DECIDES TO ruin Poppy, stay in the UES, let Jesus take the wheel back (Take your pick xD)
DAN, NATE, AND VANESSA UNKNOWINGLY Go to the same College (Check spoiler pics of last episode,, you see first D and V together on something looking like college, and later you see V and N on the same 'place', that's the only thing I can link with them xD


Will this be the end of blair, chuck, serena and so on ?
I mean after the Summer they will be going to different schools, so what will happen ???? Will they Film their new life or will they focus on the neewbies ... jenny and so on ????????


Blair and Chuck finally ... exchange ILYs. For real.
Serena is shocked by ... the blast Gossip Girl sends out.
Georgina decides to ... stay in the UES.
Dan, Nate and Vanessa unknowingly ... run into Scott (R&L's love child) in different places at different times.


Blair & Chuck finally... have goodbye sex.
Serena is shocked by... crab people.
Georgina decides to... distract chuck from his misery...with her lady parts.
Dan, Nate and Vanessa unknowingly...put an end to this ridonkulous caper plotline and snag poppy (remember, g is busy "helping" chuck...see above).


It would be so cute if they showed Chuck preparing himself to tell Blair. Like giving himself a pep talk or practicing what to say in the mirror. Also, what if when they kissed, they played like a montage of their best moments. That would be so cute! But I hope they actually stay together and it's not going to be a trick like last season.


Blair and Chuck finally say ILU / get together Serena is shocked by the gossip girl blast Georgina decides to stay in NY Dan, Nate & Vanessa meet the love child.

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