Jessica Stroup Looks Ahead to Season Two of 90210

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90210 spoiler alert: Read no further if you haven't watched last night's season finale yet!

Based on how the first season of this CW hit ended - Silver got to first base with Ethan?!? Annie may have killed someone?!? - the show has a lot of questions to answer in the fall.

While star Jessica Stroup hasn't seen any future scripts, she does have a lot to say about what may be in store next year in Beverly Hills. She shared some of it with E! News...

On future of Silver/Dixon: I know that next year is going to start with a whole fresh start. The whole season is going to be different. Some storylines might just evolve and disappear, or just reappear. Ethan and Dixon, although they only met this past year and this is a brand-new friendship for them, they still became really good friends.
It was never Ethan's intention to ruin that relationship. It just happened. He couldn't deny what his feelings are for her after letting them flourish while watching her at the prom. I'm curious to see where Ethan goes and what path they choose to take for him.

Prom Queen Pic

On the consequences of Annie's hit-and-run: Of course it's going to change Annie inevitably. She's going to be a totally different character. As awful as it is with drunk driving, and playing that character was hard for Shenae, but I think she plays that really well. She has a whole other depth to her, a whole other side. I think next year is going to be amazing for her because she's going to go through a lot of changes with this character and down some really, really dark roads.
I hope, at least, that it affects every one of us. I know that it's going to affect all the characters, but I hope it brings us back together at some point as a whole group. I really want that whole bonding. Besides Ethan who's going to be leaving obviously, I love playing that group bond. At some point next season, you're really going to start to see it all coming together, with us becoming stronger as a whole.

Who do you think Annie hit with her car? A stranger, or someone viewers know well?

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Im hooked on this show. I dont know how Im going to manage waiting until next season to find out what happens. Im bummed to lose Ethan, I would have loved to have seen what could have happened with him and Silver. Does someone actually die? We know that for a fact? yikes, I hope it's no one too important :(


This crap show needs to go off the air. Enough of these type of shows sensationalizing underage drinking and driving. This will be the last season of me watching. Come up with new topics. This show is nothing like the original and won't last another year.


Are you guys dumb? You can tell in the previews that it's a DEER that Annie hit. Go back and look. It's OBVIOUS.


OMG I can not wait for next season! I dont know if I can take the suspence!


what I really want to know is who was in the car it had a bumper sticker on it that said west beverly almni on it. meaning they are bring someone back by the car I'm guessing Dylan.


Season 2
definetly naomi and liam!!! such a hott couple
navid and adrianna
annie and no one...her acting sucks, and shes annoyin whenever she talks
oh and then silver and ethan i think that would be interesting, her and dixon are so boring together in my opinion
and finally mr. matthews and jenni
and then please get rid of naomis bitchy sister thx


I wish me for season 2
Annie & Liam ( hes so sexy!!)
Silver & Dixon together
Navid & Adrianna
and finally Naomi Dead and burn in hell hahhahahah


Why can't Annie and Ethan stay together, I don't get it.
Anyway Ethan and Silver are not SOO bad, but Ethan is meant to be with Annie...


i think annie might have ran over one of her parents or sumthin,cos they did wanna look for their kids. Im guessing it might be her mum because her dad was asleep out of it lol and i think the car that pulled up was liam and those dudes. Imagine liams face if he saw annie ahahhahhaa "ok i thought she was gunna explode but NOT THIS!"
season 2 hopes for me:
jen dies.Bitch.
naiomi with liam.
silver with dixon.
navid with adrianna.
naiomi finds out about jen and says sorry to annie.
everyone says sorry to annie cos they accused her of telling her dad about the party.
mr mathews and whats her face, silvers sister get together.
OH AND mr mathews kills jen...niiiceeee =]
BUUTT back to reality, if all those things happened, they would be no drama and no drama=crap 90210=not watching.
so i hope 90210 do the opposite of what i wish except for JEN.


Sweet: Damn! Girl, u read my mind ( but not too much, though ) 0_o )
lol :DD.. ughhh!! I hate Jen, she's driving me Crazy, Hate that " Idiot, Crazy, Whore "..
awwwww! I'm gonna miss Ethan :'(:'(:'(, the only thing that i watch this show
is him and Annie, they're sooo!! " PERFECT COUPLE ♥ FOREVER ( I'm so HATING EFFIN' muchhh!!
that BITCH-BLONDE Rhonda, that innocent bitch make that couple broke up, ughhh!! If I were Annie, I swear I wanna slap her and pull her hair and she became bold haha :D ) and of course Liam..
ughhhh!! Damn! that Hottie Ass-Boy lol :DD

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I'm gonna kill Dixon.