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On the season finale of 90210, characters greeted new life and may have contributed to a new death. What are we talking about? Let's review this episode, development-by-development...

Debbie and Harry got high! The parents ate a couple of brownies from the prom (prior to heading to the hospital for Adrianna's labor), unaware that they had been laced with pot. While a bit too over-the-top (like every performance on the show), this still made for quality entertainment. It also hinted at a possible spoiler for season two:

Might Kelly be crushing on Harry? Debbie seemed to think so, though she blamed the marijuana for such paranoia.

Ethan kissed Silver! After Dixon discovered a photo of his girlfriend in Ethan's jacket pocket, he confronted his friend. Ethan finally admitted his feelings for Silver, just as she made her way to the two pals. Later on, Silver tracked Ethan down and tried to get an explanation, but he pretty much accused her of also having feelings for him and then laid a big ol' smooch on Silver!

That was how this storyline ended, which is intriguing because we all know Ethan won't be back for season two.

Liam slept with Jen! Call me crazy, but I don't trust this Jen Clarke person. After Naomi insisted on having a post-prom party at their house, Jen sought revenge on her sister, who she thought was building a giant ego for herself. As a result, Jen approached Liam at the party (who was there waiting on Naomi, who was at the hospital to be with Adrianna) and said she was the next door neighbor, Zelda.

Jen then leaked the secret that Naomi had confided in her about Liam: his mom slept with her former employee, a billionaire who she then married. It was something Liam had told Naomi in confidence during their bonding time at the prom. This set Liam off, making it easy for him to accept Jen's (or "Zelda's") invitation for guilt-free sex.

When Naomi later appeared at the party and found Liam getting dressed in a bedroom, she demanded to know who he slept with. He said it didn't matter and that she was gone. But Naomi found a scarf on the floor and assumed it gave away the answer. She told Liam to never speak to her again.

Jen then popped out of the bathroom and admitted to Liam that she was Naomi's sister. The dude felt really bad - and really used - as a result. He tried to call Naomi later in the night, but was interrupted by a pair of muscle-bound guys. They dragged him away, saying his step-father had had enough and was sending him off to... someplace (military school?).

Naomi made Annie explode! Remember Liam's taunts to Annie over the last few weeks? Well, they finally came to fruition, as the scarf Naomi found belonged to Annie. She therefore thought Annie slept with Liam and berated her in front of the entire party. This false accusation finally put Annie over the egde. She screamed. She left. She called the cops to tell them about the party - and the grabbed a bottle of vodka as she got into her car.

At the very end of the episode, Annie was seen driving, crying, with the bottle (apparently half-drank) next to her. We then heard a thud as Annie's car stopped. The scene really wasn't clear, but it appears as though Annie may have hit someone; she then looked in her rear view mirror, saw a car coming and sped away. The final scene of the episode zeroed in on the second car's bumper (it had a West Beverly sticker on it) and showed this vehicle stopping at the scene of the possible hit-and-run.

Adrianna gave birth! After struggling with the decision, and not wanting to hold her daughter at first, Adrianna gave her up for adoption. She was prompted along the way by Brenda, who showed up and said she had recently adopted a baby from China. Adrianna was making a brave choice that was the greatest gift she could give a couple.

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I spend one night with you, I end up telling you my whole life story.

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If I feel like throwing a party at my house, I'm gonna throw a party at my house.