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On the fittingly green carpet at the CW upfronts, Leighton Meester couldn't wait to share her thoughts on the future of Chuck and Blair, while co-star Blake Lively weighed in on Georgina's return to the show next season.

When last we saw them, Chuck was showering Blair with her favorite treats and, more importantly, finally saying the three little words we waited so long to hear.

But alas, can Chair really work in the real world?

"Chuck and Blair holding hands, Chuck and Blair going to the movies - isn't that what he says would be unrealistic?" Leighton Meester asked E! Online.

"I feel like a tumultuous relationship is a-brewin', but that's what drama is."

The actress, who recently went blonde for her new movie, The Roommate, but promised to go back to brunette ASAP, says she isn't sure what she hopes will come for the fan favorite couple when the show returns August 31.


"I want us to see them together, but at the same time, the reason why they're so good is why they can't be together," Leighton Meester says.

Unfortunately, both Meester and Blake Lively agree that Georgina Sparks' return could cast a long shadow over Chuck and Blair's future.

"Chuck and Blair are finally together, but yet Georgina is back to screw up her life with that major vendetta," said Lively of Serena's frenemy.

Despite the cliffhanger conclusion, whether or not Michelle Trachtenberg will be back on the show full-time remains in question. The actress has been cast in a new series, Mercy, a nursing drama that NBC recently picked up.

Another big challenge ahead for our favorite Upper East Siders may be higher education: "A few other people are going to college," Meester says.

"I don't know if they're going to stay."

Speaking of college, Penn Badgley said that Dan Humphrey's half brother, Scott (Chris Riggi) might be up to no good with his sneaking around New York.

"He's gotta skulk... He's a Humphrey," Penn predicted.

Speaking of Humphreys, could Dan be coming around to the idea of Nate (Chace Crawford) getting with Little J (Taylor Momsen) for real this time?

According to Penn, "He should. Nate's a solid dude."

Is Dan done thinking that Jenny's too young for Nate?

"Probably not," says Penn. "But I personally think that Dan should relax. Dan is too uptight."

Last but not least, in addition to more Georgina and Rufus-Lily spawn in season three, there is one indisputably awesome character we can promise will be getting plenty of screen time:

Countess Dorota (Zuzanna Szadkowski).

"I think she's going to be around a lot more next season," says Leighton.

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I agree that Chuck and Blair should end up together, but seriously, chuck and blair cannot be chuck and blair without drama and setbacks. I am looking forward to their scheming and insults (and several hot makeout scenes!!) next season. I acutally think Jenny and Nate are cute, and Dan and Serena make me want to barf. Dan is sooo boring, serena needs to be with someone more fun!


I should have known from the same producers as the OC.. that GG will be just the same.. break up, back together and so on... just constant rollercoaster until someone dies!
It's been done over and over again people are sick of it.. now what we do wanna see is people like Blair and Chuck together and working on it and making it work! After all thats what true love is about, accepting faults, learning from mistakes, working problems out together and being absolutelly and hopelessly in love!
I dunno about you guys but im bored of everyone breaking up and getting back together.... MAKE IT WORK. lol


they beteer stay away from each other.I think they fit but
a bad end is better!!!11111


BFFs... :D


whoops, I meant they WON'T have a smooth relationship. And one more thing....Nate and Blair fans...come on..lol...its over!! Nate should be with Serena!


I agree....Leighton is just saying that Chair will be boring if they remain together happy forever...so I think they'll have a smooth relationship....there will be drama, but that's what makes them great!


I agree with "im-chuck-bass." Serena, at the beginning of season one, was not a trouble-maker, but was NOT boring. She wasn't boring because she was so inquisitive, and you could really see how she struggled. It was great to have HER as the troubled-girl-trying-to-be-good, not the dramatic-change-her-attitude-ever-two-episodes character:]


Though I really like the idea of Nate and Serena together, I love the relationship of Dan and Serena. If you look back at season 1, which, I must add, I feel is a lot better than season 2, you can just tell how much they care about eachother; they keep eachother in check and balance eachother out. Dan is good for Serena, and Serena is good for Dan. BUT, if there was never such thing as 'Serena and Dan,' I would love Nate and Serena together- that is, if Nate and Blair [my favorite couple] were over for good. I really really dislike Blair and Chuck together, but since the fanbase loves them, I guess they're here to stay:[ Anyway, I love Nate, I just wish that since Serena and Blair are off limits, they'd find him a good girl- NOT NOT NOT Vanessa or Jenny. Ew.


I need drama jajaja you know they are a great couple and their games were really good but I'm a fan too so in the end they must be together!!! honestly they look good when they are together and their conversations are so great!!! =D I can't wait until august!!!

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