"The Wrath of Con" Sneak Preview #3

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We've seen sneak preview clips of Jenny and Rufus planning for his proposal, and Chuck and Nate arguing over Blair. Now, here's a third glimpse of "The Wrath of Con" in which Blair questions her boyfriend's priorities - and her own - once again.

Watch the preview below and comment away!

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This is why we love chuck and blair... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...


Anyone who wants Nate and Serena together should really think twice because they DO NOT belong together. In 2x22, when Serena mentioned that Nate hasn't been faithful to her before, I was so mad! How dare she bring that up? I hate her!!


I don't know if you guys see anything off but Serena hooking up with Gabriel when Poppy leaves the vacay is scandalous if you ask me. She already slept with Nate, now she can sleep with Chuck too! CHeers Serena...way to go. And GG makes her look so innocent! what a skank.


okay SERIOUSLY, i think it's disgusting if the writers put Nate and Serena together. Yes they had a one night stand but that should be all. We don't want to start hating both Serena and Nate now. I really like the Nate-Blair-Chuck love triangle. It doesn't matter who she ends up with, as long as its with one of them. But Seriously now guys, Serena belongs with Dan or some weird artist. Come on now, weren't you guys upset from season 1 how Serena had sex with Nate? I was furious.. Yeah Blair did it with Chuck but that was bound to happen considering how Nate was treating her. They are both in love with Blair okay! Who cares who loves Blair more. I believe they both love her. But I stop watching if they hook Nate or Chuck up with Serena because that's just crossing the line. I know it's a bit off but that's just how I feel. The fact that Serena has everything makes me so angry because Blair should have it all. She is the queen beee you know.


While I enjoy watching Nate, because he's just so damn handsome, he isn't as well written for as Chuck. When it comes to an interesting character Chuck has it in spades while Nate is written as being rather boring _ I hope they change that and give Chace an opportunity to really show what he can do. I don't agree with the odd comment that he can't act, he obviously can but he hasn't been given the range that Ed for instance has.
As for nate/Blair lets face it he cheated on Blair with Serena before. I don't believe that Nate is truly in love with Blair, I think he thinks he is but I saw more chemistry and interest from him with Serena. I'd actually love to see those two together. I hope they go there and not with Jenny.
As for CHAIR I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! Can't wait to see this again. Those two just have incredible chemistry together and are interesting together. THey are each others match.


Eeek! I can't wait for this episode to come out Monday!! (:
But I'll have to wait til Tuesday, because I actually watch it online since I can't on T.V. ):


http://images1.fanpop.com/imag... they would make a really really beautiful couple in real life.


did nate say 'do you wanna live in with me'?


A lot of women have had the experience of being attracted to a 'bad boy' who they're sure has a 'good heart', and Chuck has evolved in such a way to perfectly play into that fantasy. Absolutely, most bad boys do have goodness in them, but generally aren't worth the effort. So it's fun to watch the fantasy play out in the show where he is. What I actually look forward to is seeing the writers find a way to keep enough bad boy around to keep Chuck "Chuck", but without turning his "Chuckness" on Blair. We'll see....


I was a chair fan bu nate really seems to care about blair.

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