"The Wrath of Con" Sneak Preview #3

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We've seen sneak preview clips of Jenny and Rufus planning for his proposal, and Chuck and Nate arguing over Blair. Now, here's a third glimpse of "The Wrath of Con" in which Blair questions her boyfriend's priorities - and her own - once again.

Watch the preview below and comment away!

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hate that part


Leighton looks best with very dark or very light hair. This inbetween she has going is not good. And it makes her face look fat. I dunno, something is off.


I've been a fan of Chair since the first season and I've waited and waited and waited for their relationship to take a step forward, but it never does and now I'm bored. THEY ARE BORING. I'm sorry to say this, I truly am. All these obstacles and ridiculous storylines have ruined this pair for me. It took too long and I seriously do not care if Chuck and Blair ever get together. I actually prefer her with Nate now. Chuck just annoys me. He should go find another useless secret gentlemen's club and disappear.


ohk, tara I think you are a bit out numbered. I completely agree with bec. Blair and chuck have this insane chemistry that will NEVER go away. they are so perfect for each other. If you see the way blair acts with chuck to the way that she acts with nate, you can just tell that she is truely being herself when she is with chuck. she just looks so bored and when she is with nate. chuck loves for exactly who she is and would never try to change her! even though they have ended it in the past, how many times have they said "its over for good", for them to just get back together again?! Its because they are drawn addicted to eachother and love eachother deeply, and that will never change.


I hope chuck wil tell here that he loves here but i think we have to wait... :s
I agree with bec215 you can see the love in chucks eyes. He doesn't need to tell here that. In nate's eyes i can't see anything...


People please as much i love Chair, i still remember is a tv show, so don't fight about who really is in love of blair. Just Enjoy the show. But i still hope that Chuck will tell Blair that he love her. Sorry for my english I'm from Mexico.




i think its kinda ridiculous to say you believe CHUCK loves BLAIR because ED is a good actor....... character wise -- chuck is far from good. and i HAVE experienced love and lust. my lust relationship was filled with abusive mind games. he let me on for a year before i was actually able to be with him. but i was obessed. it was a crazy infatuation i was just so happy to finally be with him- i eneded up with a broken heart and soul. and now i know chemistry" is NOT the thing that makes it work. a whole lot of work, honestly, loyalty, talking and everything else makes it work. mind games -- they never come into play. so bec, i have experienced both. and yes -- i do not believe chuck truly loves blair. i do believe she and him are infatuated with eachother. and i know he just loves the GAME. he's said it before. those guys do not know how to be tied down but i think blair can learn from chuck. getting hurt -- its a learning experience. it also sucks sometimes.


Leaving Nate entirely out of the equation, if you truly believe Chuck does not love, or never loved, Blair, you have never experienced that kind of love. Ed has a gift to be able to have Chuck look at Blair in a way that I have been looked at before - a look that pierces your heart and touches your soul and takes your breath away. I've seen it with my parents and a few friends, too, and it transcends anything Chuck may have said to her or anyone else. When I see him look at her that way, I don't have to wonder. As for not 'fighting' for her...I think sometimes people have seen Twilight or Titanic too many times! I'm not saying it's perfect - but I've never questioned that he truly loves her.


seriously the ending between chuck and blair better be GOOD because chuck's "love" was never apparent in S2 (asking her to have sex doesn't count). when blair was totally single and free, where was chuck? i noticed that chuck only became competitive and did SOMETHING for blair was when she was involved with someone else! Nate...Marcus...Nate! , while he's free effing up hot girls here and there.

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