"The Wrath of Con" Sneak Preview #3

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We've seen sneak preview clips of Jenny and Rufus planning for his proposal, and Chuck and Nate arguing over Blair. Now, here's a third glimpse of "The Wrath of Con" in which Blair questions her boyfriend's priorities - and her own - once again.

Watch the preview below and comment away!

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ok f that promo about chair is tue (cuz often its misleading) then chuck is an IDIOT. IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT!!!
God, it was so right for blair to ask that question because hes not convincing at all of his so-called love (i prefer LUST).


all the things nate has done -- were not all to blair... whereas everything chuck has done were directly to blair. whatever you guys can hate on nattie as much as you want. i feel like chuck fans so conviently forget that the ONLY girl chuck has ever fought for was a some hooker he met at a party he wasn't even supposed to be at. he did EVERYTHING he could for her - tried to get her money - searched everywhere for her - acted like he was in love with her. maybe he was. and ONLY in the end -- when she lets him know she was only using him and says "give your heart to someone who cares" he ends up at blairs house. only because he realized she was the only one he cared. too bad he had to take advice from a prostitute of the wealthly..


Yeah and so is repeatedly flitting between your girlfirend and her best friend, unable to decide who you are actually in love with. Added to the fact he cheated with his girlfriend's best friend. Later, once single, started a relationship with a married woman, and then once again after breaking things off with said married woman, flits between Vanessa and Jenny...hmmm, is it just me or is a pattern emerging. Blair (1st gf) and Serena (1st gf best friend) and Vanessa (2nd gf) and Jenny (2nd gf best friend...well, girl best friend). Yeah, Nate is absolutely perfect. He doesn't fuck up at all. CLEARLY!


So having drunk sex with your girlfriend's best friend - while she's in the building - isn't f'd up? Sleeping with a married woman and taking $ from her while you're trying to win back V isn't f'd up? Hitting on your emotionally-distraught ex-girlfriend when you know your best friend is still in love with her isn't f'd up? And getting back together with your ex-girlfriend while actually wanting her to totally be a different person than she is isn't totally f'd up? If you're going to say she shouldn't forgive Chuck and be with him b/c of all his past behaviors, then you have to apply the same rules to Nate. And for the record - I'm over 30 and guys DO (still) tease girls when they like them - it just gets a little more subtle. I think it's a way for guys to let us know they're paying attention, but keeps the conversation from being too serious. Chuck is ALWAYS telling Blair things that reveal the attention he pays her, from the Snowflake Ball candidate list to her beret. Just because he does it with humor doesn't mean it doesn't count!


Yea, Chuck's screwed up ALOT. & Their are still things I think were unforgivable/unacceptable; but they are Chuck & Blair, Blair & Chuck. Chuck knows he's screwed up alot but eventually he'll try to make up for that; Blair & Chuck both have made alot of mistakes(Chuck's done worse then Blair, but still). They love each other deeply. Chuck does love Blair, he's even said so, just not to Blair yet(but I he will in the S2 finale).
I think that after Chair finally get together(at least I hope they do), I think they should have a looooong chat about everything, followed by a ton of apologies.


uhhhh Amanda, leavin a girl hanging at the airport while you're fucking "Amelia" is not teasing. it's just fucked up.


God i'm so glad that Blair is standing up to Nate! I can't wait til they're over! Chuck and Blair are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!


"while Chuck NEVER acts like he loves her, he just teases her and since when is teasing considered a sign of love? SINCE NEVER!!!!" Ok sarah I completely disagree with you. It's very normal for a boy to tease the girl that he likes. even kids do that!
And Chuck has acted like he loves Blair so many times! I mean come on! have you watched the show at all?


Woo! You tell him, B!
Hehe, YAY, no more Nair! No offense to Nair fans though. I disagree with your opinion, but in the most respectful and decent way possible. Please don't hate on me :]


"Serena needs me" is not officially an excuse.....? Really Nate? What if Serena needed you, you d**chebag? What a J*RK this guy is!
Queen B is back and she won't behave like a lost puppy following that worthless moron anymore!
I love you Blair!

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