"The Wrath of Con" Sneak Preview #3

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We've seen sneak preview clips of Jenny and Rufus planning for his proposal, and Chuck and Nate arguing over Blair. Now, here's a third glimpse of "The Wrath of Con" in which Blair questions her boyfriend's priorities - and her own - once again.

Watch the preview below and comment away!

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Chuck is a sexy bad boy, nate's not all that interesting.
If I were Blair I'd get with Chuck.


Doesn't this guy have a second facial expression???
Blair is divine in this scene, all fired-up and real Blair and he's like an ice column (as usual!).


If Blate does break up -- which seems like they will... I have a feeling this is what is going to happen: Chair will be together. But that will get boring for Blair - fast. And if it doesn't: Nate and Serena will finally happen. Nate will be depressed about Blair and Serena will be the only person he can turn to lean on. And whenever that happens, Serena will obviously fall for that hunk of a man and they will get together.
And eventually, Nate will fall for Serena -- maybe not fall IN love with her. But he will love her -- I mean it would not be hard to love Serena. And then Blair will get jealous. Because Serena and Nate being together is the worst thing that could happen to Blair. Because all through her life, while she was with Nate, Serena was the source of her insecurity. And with her choosing Chuck over Nate -- Serena can finally be with Nate without feeling like she went behind Blair's back. And the show will finally do justice to the books with the Nate Serena Blair triangle -- all the way till the end of the show.


Yes. He is super hott. I've watched this clip a million times already. I think I have fallen in love.

Blair cornelia archibald



chace is so god damn hot. (:


* lots of problems


well, i don't feel bad for nate at all, i don't want to sound cold but moving in like this is a lousy idea! They're to young, they just got back together and they're already having lost of problems!
Plus, not only did nate ask her to move in for the wrong reasons (jealously of chuck) but i also don't buy him being in love: it's been a week since nate and chuck talked (c said that), so one week ago he was ready to dump blair, he couldn't think of a single reason to trust her (his own words) and now he's in love? Come on! I do think he likes and cares abt her, but love? He didn't even react to her not saying i love you back!
And, not that i think attraction alone makes a relationship or anything like that, but did anyone else notice how blair and nate didn't kiss once last ep. (except for one kiss on the cheek when they were saying goodbye)!Not even in the scenes where they're alone!
I'm sorry, but them loving each other as old friends i can see, them being in love i just don't see!
This is just my opinion though, but i do hope blair doesn't move in, it's pretty clear that's not what she wants!


Well Chuck is asshole and Nate acts like he really loved her, but there's no comparison to Blair & Chuck together plotting agaist other people. The way they talk, look at each other is the best. They have chemistry which Blair & Nate will never have. And seeing this chemistry is worth forgiving Chuck all his sins. Besides we don't know what happend between Jack & Blair. Maybe she did with him something that is as stupid and disgusting as things that Chuck sometimes do. For my money they diserve for each other and they are really similar to each other. Besides being with Nate is boring and too sweet. Dark prince is more fascinating and exciting. You never know what happens :P


Since Nate didn't originally intend for Blair to move in with him - that was a spur-of-the-moment thing - I don't think her refusing to move in with him would cause them to break up. It would force a difficult conversation, but moving in together is a huge step and they've only been back together for like a month. Does anyone else think there's significance to the fact the place is empty? I mean, he took her there but didn't bother to bring any of his own stuff, or put a picture of the two of them up somewhere as a romantic gesture? I can't decide if there's no meaning at all to the emptyness; or that it's supposed to foreshadow what's not going to happen - he won't keep the place for some reason TBD; or if it's a visual metaphor somehow... e.g., leasing it is an 'empty gesture' because he did it out of fear. Thoughts???

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