"The Wrath of Con" Sneak Preview #3

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We've seen sneak preview clips of Jenny and Rufus planning for his proposal, and Chuck and Nate arguing over Blair. Now, here's a third glimpse of "The Wrath of Con" in which Blair questions her boyfriend's priorities - and her own - once again.

Watch the preview below and comment away!

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/the-wrath-of-con-sneak-preview-3/" title="The Wrath of Con Sneak Preview #3"][/video]

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this is right after the last one ends. serena asks b for help and b says ill be right there but nate stops her and blair says our talk will have to wait about whether you love me or dont trust me.
n: the question was and remains do you want to live with me?
b: serena is waiting... kinda sad, in a way. but we know she says yes because in the nxt ep theyre still together. i am a chair fan, but seriously chuck, MAN UP! and show Blair what she means to you!!!!!!!

Victoria loves chair

Can someone please recap this preview for me? i'm at school and the computer wont let me watch the video. i'm DYING to know what happens.


holy lord, chace is hot.

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