Chandra Wilson Coy on Grey's Anatomy Cast, Future

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As Grey's Anatomy anxiously await the fates of cast members T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigl and whether their characters, George O'Malley and Izzie Stevens, will be back season, another original star of the show is nervous about her own status.

Well, probably not really. But Chandra Wilson, who plays Dr. Miranda Bailey on the hit ABC show, is still waiting to re-sign her contract to come back for a sixth season.

"You know, I don't have the slightest idea!" the actress, who is starring in Chicago this summer, told The View when asked if she knew who was leaving. "I know nothing!"

In fact, she said that she still hasn't received word on whether she'll be back on the show: "I'm waiting for my Disney letter saying, 'You have the option to come back.'"

The company has until June 20 to send it, she added.


We can confidently say that hell would freeze over before the series would let Wilson go, but her coyness indicates that even fellow cast members likely have no clue what's going to happen with Knight and Heigl. Whether Knight and Heigl even know is a mystery!

Reports of George's demise vary - and have lingered for months, culminating in a gripping season finale in which he and Izzie were literally in between life and death.

Grey's Anatomy creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes hasn't divulged any information on next season's cast or story lines. All we can do is hope for the best.

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How much does Chandra Wilson earn? She has a husband & 3 kids to support afterall. At least 100,000 per ep?


Poooor Grey's show ...anxiously awaiting the favors of TRK and KH ..anxious IF as they choose whether they stay or go. The gruesome twosome decide the fate of this show....must be news to Walt Disney that they run the show.
Thought the Grey's show was greater than its actors or characters....lolol is that not why they dumped the really good and talented actor, IW. Never knew that the king and queen ..oooh which is which >> TRK and KH, are what makes this show go around.
Maybe that is why so many people say that the Grays show actually died after Season 3 when they unceremoniously lost their backbone IW and became just another spineless suck up to gays show. How sad. It had such great promise upto Season 2.


I don't think that Chandra will leave the show. I think Shonda Rhimes wouldn't do that. GA isn't GA without Chandra Wilson.


I am not offended, honest, but there will be a new chief resident. Bailey will be an attending, how involved the chief res will be in any plots well, Shonda knows. Cris needs a cardiac guru; the OBGYN I put in as a joke anticipating if any of the main characters get pregnant! There will be another batch of interns,one who supposedly may be a blood relative of an exisiting character. I would like to see more of Adele, Tyler ( the nurse) and Joe.+


Chandra was great on the View. I just love her bubbly personality. She is very talented and energetic.
I don't think Shonda would be stupid enough to let her go.


Slow mail system? I don't believe that they'll let go of Chandra so I'm staying under the slow mail theory. Reporters enjoy asking the tough questions because maybe the actor is going to break under the pressure and give in. Or, like in PD's case, they allow him to say some sort of information but not entirely. Although sometimes it can come off as invasive.


I think that when they are signed for a number of seasons, if an actor wants out to do other shows or movies, they cant do that, because of the contract, but the producers can decide if they want to keep them or fire them... And they usually do that renovating the contracts or they can decide they dont want thar actor anymore, and doesn´t renovate. And they do that every season. At least that´s what I understand about these contracts...


I seriously think Grey's would be stupid to let Bailey go, I don't think it will happen. She is a pretty important character. As much as we don't like, we do need some new characters to fill the cardiac, and GYN positions.


no offense, juli-- but the LAST think Greys' needs is more new characters!!! LOL! I think Shonda tried WAY too much of that this past season, and the only one that took was Arizona. Sadie, all the new interns getting focus, Dr. Dixon... many fans commented numerous times on how the introduction of the new characters was just taking time away from the Fab 5, from MAGIC-- which was proven to be ESSENTIAL to the show. I agree the positions of cardiac attending, GYN attending are open, but, please NO MORE NEW CHARACTERS! As for this questioning of CW-- I sorta wish she threw in her thoughts about the actors who play the characters whose fates are in question... like how JC had awesome things to say about TR. That would have made my day! :)


Do the actors sign up for 7 years to a series and then negociate a salary, then if it's popular all the actors renegociate their salaries after the 3rd series?
GA needs some new characters; a cardiac attending, a GYN attending, a new chief resident and new interns.


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