Ellen Pompeo and T.R. Knight Go Shopping

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Pregnant actress Ellen Pompeo and her former Grey's Anatomy co-star T.R. Knight headed over to the L.A. Design Center on Western Avenue in Los Angeles late last week. Cute!

The original Grey's Anatomy pair shopped around for furniture for Ellen’s new home. Some pieces for the new nursery, perhaps? That baby bump is really beginning to show!

Ellen Pompeo and TR Knight

Last month, Ellen and T.R. were spotted lunching at Milk together in Los Angeles. It's nice to see that even after T.R. left the show, the two stars' friendship is as strong as ever.

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awwwwww so cute :)Good to know that they are friends in real life!




hi i macarena in argentina and I love grays anatomy PEAKING hope that you enjoy with people agregenme speaking ablamos maku_jwa_carp@hotmail.com


"Ellen Pompeo and her former Grey's Anatomy co-star T.R. Knight" I must have missed it, but so that means that he really died in the last episode of Greys!?!
Man that sucks!!!


Oh gosh, they're too cute. Aahh, George. I'm going to miss him so much. =(
I totally agree with Lily above me. Season one was amazing. I miss the way Grey's used to be. But I'm not going to stop watching, I love it too much XD


They look great!! Glad to see they're such great friens! =) I'm gonna miss my George too =( Now we're never gonna get a moment between all of Fab 5 again. Why did they kill him?? They didn't need to kill him write him out! =(
Gosh, I miss season 1&2 so badly, when the writing was truly fantastic and they didn't need to have the main characters dying to keep the excitement. Now to remember the good times when the show was at its best, I'm gonna turn on my Season 2 DVD and forget all that's happened recently and just enjoy.


I'll miss TR. He was the one guy on the show I recognized myself in. Grey should have hold on to him. Ellen is looking very hot! I'm glad they're friends.


i agree imma miss tr too ={


I'm going to miss my George too. God, they look so good!


I absolutely LOVE this picture! TR looks so handsome and motherhood looks fantastic on Ellen. Great to see these two friends still enjoying each other's company.
But boy, am I going to miss my George O'Malley.

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