Gossip Girl Cast Members Dish on New Season, Life

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At the recent CW upfronts presentation, the Gossip Girl cast dished on their characters and some of the drama we can expect in the upcoming third season.

Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Jessica Szohr, Taylor Momsen, Chace Crawford and Penn Badgley all chatted about Gossip Girl, as well as their real lives.

A couple of fun facts:

  • Leighton Meester is funny, chatty and all-around awesome.
  • Blake Lively is in the process of getting her scuba license.
  • Penn Badgley has no plans to marry his girl anytime soon.
  • Chace Crawford's bangs are just as amazing in real life.

Check out the video of the cast below and share your thoughts ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/the-gossip-girl-cast-dishes/" title="The Gossip Girl Cast Dishes"][/video]

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erm.. i don't usually judge by watching videos of celebs giving interviews but like.. taylor momsen without a doubt smokes, i don't think she smokes because she wants to etc. i think she smokes because it makes her look cool or whatever because she's a so called "rocker". so many of my friends sound like her so either, she's a flipping chain smoker or she had like the bloody swine flu or something.. i think leighton and blake have a bond but they don't get along so much.. or maybe they do.. maybe it was just the fact that blake kept on going on about where you could get a scuba license that caused leighton to give her all those "WTF?" looks.. but seriously, she has a point, i don't think anyone wanted to hear about her bloody scuba license, if i was leighton i would have told her to "shut the fuck up" blake's outfit is lovely but seriously, i'm getting SO tired of looking at her breasts.. every single time i look at pictures of her on the red carpet or whatever she's always got the baps out... bring them in.. you're a girl! we KNOW you have tits.. but we don't want to see them.. if we wanted to look at tits we'd strip off our bras ffs. i think penn is really cute and SO dan humphrey like! but unless you plan on being the next wolverine or something.. the beard doesn't suit you.. i think he knows that. LOL.
he was talking about it! plus, he REALLY likes to talk.. LOL chace crawford looks like he has no personality. all he does is smile and laugh and i find it really annoying. still hot, but i'm not that shallow. jessica seems cool, but she should cut and thin her hair..
it looks like a bloody monstrosity. and finally, WHERE THE FUCK IS ED?
plus his english accent is yummy and i hear english accents 24/7.. i think it's just the change from the silky smooth chuck bass voice to the more friendly ed westwick.. P.S Leighton Meester does NOT suit blonde. she is a natural brunette and should KEEP it that way.. she may suit straightened hair alright but the curls look sexy AND cute at the same time on her.. not many people can pull that off yano? haha, sorry to write an article on my readings into the video but yeah.. BTW, GGINSIDER FORGOT TO MENTION JESSICA IN THEIR ARTICLE!
LMFAO, probably cause she only spoke for 10 seconds and then laughed.


wreckass, thanks for letting me know blake doesn't smoke. makes her my new favorite gossip girl xx


wreckass, thanks for letting me know blake doesn't smoke. makes her my new favorite gossip girl xx


im sure leighton and blake do get along. maybe leighton acts a bit snobby but its just that we are comparing her to blake LIVELY. blake i find is a really good role model because it doesn't seem like she smokes or drinks (at least doesn't get carried away) and she is always very happy!
i love leighton, just not what she looks like with blonde hair and i didn't love her outfit.
they look like they DID know what the producers had in store for season 3 because they were eyeing each other.
and for taylor, she did sound like a smoker. i wish she would go back to her second half of season 1 look. i find she is trying to be too adulty.


Fucking love Meester. Want to hang out with her. Is it just me or does Chace look really freaking skinny? What's the deal?


Blairtee, Blake doesnt smoke or drink :)


aww guys, please give them a break, you cant just judge how they are from watching a video. Blake and Leighton get along very well, and look at how Leighton was ogling at Blake's face LOL


um, ALL OF THE CAST SMOKE. theres tons of videos on youtube. Its not just her, its all of them. Plus, leighton is overrated as hell, she acts like snob here and everyone is like "OMG SHES SOOOOO FUNNY," blake and rest act way nicer


yeah TAYLOR MOMSEN DOES SOUND LIKE A SMOKER with that gross voice. and to think, she sings? if we ever found out she actualy does smoke i'd probably attribute her dirty looks to her dirty habit.

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