Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Is Izzie Really Going to Make It?

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Maybe it was the year's worth of rumors surrounding her leaving the show. Or a year's worth of ghost sex and battles with cancer, culminating in an afterlife scene.

But not everyone is convinced Katherine Heigl is really returning for Season Six of Grey's Anatomy as Dr. Izzie Stevens, who was left in limbo in the season finale.

On that topic, TV Guide says the following in its weekly spoiler Q&A:

Q: Color me shocked that Katherine Heigl isn't leaving Grey's Anatomy. Is it possible we're being duped in some way?

A: I must say that the lack of fanfare surrounding ABC's confirmation of Heigl's status - especially when juxtaposed with the flurry of official statements regarding T.R. Knight's departure - made me raise one of my overgrown eyebrows.

"Sure, she's staying... for just one more episode," I cynically hypothesized.

But one of my best Grey's Anatomy sources insists that this is not a case of clever semantics, and that Heigl's Izzie will have a significant presence in the fall.

Izzie Crashes

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I also love the Izzie storyline and hope that she really is going to live.
because she is a real nice char


no izzie she must be in the 6 season
:( :( :( :(


wow!Grey's gets better every monday night we were in tears can't believe it ended we can't wait till next season Grey's you ROCK!


I love the Izzie storyline and hope that she really is going to live. She is far more of a "real" character (in my opinion) than many of the others. She's not perfect, but who is?? I'm tired of Callie having such low self-esteem that she'll sleep with anyone. I'd like to see the writers strengthen up her character and give her a real story line in this.


I'm sad that TR is leaving. They already made Isaiah leave the show because of the things he called TR and now TR's leaving? Damn. He's such a good actor. Also, I'm sooo happy Katie's staying. She's a damn good actress and I'd wish they all stayed till the end of the show.


Thanks beatriz. It's wishful thinking but it can't hurt, right? :D


Anuflas comment June 26th, You are my hero lol you´re so right... i agree with you 100% :)


juglw, don´t worried, PD doesn´t want leave of greys, he always said that he´s very happy in GA and he would be crazy if he leaves, he gave a interview during Le Mans and said that. Also he gave another interview: The title of the article is: 'Patrick Dempsey stays faithful to Ellen Pompeo'. He says in the interview that: his contract goes until season 10 ( i think this is a mistake because the actors have contract until season7) and that he counts on staying in the show until there. That as long as Dr Shepherd won't have married Meredith, he won't be able move on to something else... sorry the interview is in French but you can use the Google translation Also PD and EP always says that they are lucky for having a job... you know.. the Economy is REALLY BAD and studios are doing less shows or movies.. so they need of securing their jobs. sorry my english


KH is back, TR isn't. Sad that TR has left and our 5 residents that were in the first episode won't be together again.


I think PD enjoyed flexing his acting muscles with Der's depression. PD said in the S4 dvd that Der needed to develop more as a character rather than just reacting to Mer.PD said we would know more about Der and we did! His dad's murder, meeting McMomma etc. So one of the first things I will do when I get my copy S5 is check if PD says anything else about Der. Ellen and Patrick both want their characters to move forward and they'll need interesting storyines to work on. I think izzie and Alex love each other, but considering Alex was so upset about Jane Doe leaving, he's gone back to Izzie really quickly. Izzie's off/on flegling relationship with Alex makes me think " marry in haste, repent at leisure"

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Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

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